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  • Date: Feb 07, 2023
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SciTE Download
Free Download SciTE 5.3.3 (x64)

SciTE is a free source code editing component for Win32 and GTK+, text editing works similarly to most Macintosh or Windows editors with the added feature of automatic syntax styling. SciTE can hold multiple files in memory at one time but only one file will be visible. Rectangular blocks of text can be selected in SciTE by holding down the Alt key on Windows or the Ctrl key on GTK+ while dragging the mouse over the text.

There are two panes in SciTE, the editing pane and the output pane. The output pane is located either to the right of the editing pane or below it. Initially it is of zero size, but it can be made larger by dragging the divider between it and the editing pane. The Options | Vertical Split command can be used to move the output pane beneath the editing pane.

SciTE can perform commands to compile or run source files with the output from these commands directed into the output pane.

SciTE currently is able to syntax style these languages (* denotes support for folding):
+ANS.1 MIB definition files*
+Assembler (NASM, MASM)
+Batch files (MS-DOS)
+conf (Apache)*
+diff files*
+Flagship (Clipper / XBase)*
+Flash (ActionScript)*
+HTML with embedded JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and ASP*
+IDL - both MSIDL and XPIDL*
+INI, properties* and similar
+Objective Caml*
+Perl, most of it except for some ambiguous cases*
+Specman E*
+TeX and LaTeX
+VB and VBScript*

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this text editor software.

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