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For program designers or software developers a powerful and easy to use text and code editor is a very important tool that they must have. The standard text editor that comes along with the operating system provides very basic functions for us. It does not meet our need for editing complicated code. Is there a full-functions text and code editor that can meet most need of us Yes, of course! Here is an excellent and easy to use text and code editor for us. That is Programmers File Editor. Below is the detailed presentation of this advanced text editor

Programmers File Editor (PFE) is a large-capacity, multi-file editor. Although it is primarily oriented towards program developers and contains features like the ability to run compilers and development applications, it also makes a very good general purpose editor for any function at all. There is no version built for Windows NT on DEC Alpha platforms, but it is reported that the Intel version runs well under the Intel emulation system. Well, ok, there are some limits, but they are not hard coded into Programmers File Editor. We will have to have Windows resources free to open all the windows, and enough virtual memory to load all the data in; but on a reasonable sized machine we should be able to edit a lot of stuff at the same time.

Following are some key features and benefits of Programmers File Editor, including:

1. UNIX file support - Editing UNIX files is easy, too. Programmers File Editor looks at the data it loads from a file and will work out if the file is in UNIX format or DOS format automatically. So we can edit in whatever format we should be editing in; or even convert from one to the other with a single mouse click.

2. Tool bar and status bar - Well, everyone got tool bars and status bars these days. Programmers File Editor has them too, and it had a tear-off toolbar before MFC got it. The status bar also responds to double mouse clicks in its various areas and does sensible sorts of things.

3. Floating control station - If we use the 32-Bit edition we will be able to work with the control station, a free-floating window that lets us view and manage large numbers of open files and windows. We can even define our own list of favorite files within it.

4. Program development - We can use Programmers File Editor to edit anything, of course; but it started life as a program development tool, and that is the main influencing factor on the design. It is got the ability to run a DOS command like a compiler from within itself, and can capture the output into a window for us; and we can launch the application we are developing from a quick dialog, so we do not need to go off and find where we parked File Manager.

5. Remappable keyboard - Put three programmers in a room and we will get five specifications for the ideal editor keyboard layout. Programmers File Editor comes with a default set of mappings that match standard Windows practice, but we can throw them out if we want and roll our own. A simple dialog lets us map just about any key or combination to a function; and for those of us who like the Emacs way of things, we can even map key sequences like Ctrl+X Ctrl+D. And if we really think that it is a fun idea to open a file by typing Ctrl+Z followed by Alt+Ctrl+Shift+F2, we can do that too.

6. Savable/editable keyboard macros - We can automate repetitive tasks by recording the keystrokes we make, and replaying the recording as many times as we want. We can save the recording for later sessions; and we can build up collections of these macros into libraries and assign up to 20 of them to keys for use at any time.

7. DDE control - We can work Programmers File Editor from other applications using DDE, too, so if we need to integrate an editor into some other tool that we are got, this might be a way to do it.

8. Support for Microsoft IntelliMouses - The 32-Bit edition supports the centre wheel of Microsoft Intellimice; we can use the system-wide control panel settings for the wheel, or set up PFE-specific settings to suit how we want to work.

9. Flexible printing - We can specify that files are printed with or without page headers, with or without line numbering, and with long lines wrapped or truncated on the right; the page borders are configurable to any width we require. We can print complete files; or only the selected text; or only a specified range of lines. For printers such as inkjets, that output pages face-up, we can have the files printed in reverse page order, so that the pile in the output tray is automatically in the correct reading order. In landscape mode, we can print two pages of text side-by-sheet on a sheet, and this can be extended to order the pages so that we can fold a batch of sheets to make a centre-stapled booklet.

In addition, Programmers File Editor is free for us. It is standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. Programmers File Editor does not contain any adware or spyware. It works with most recent variants of Windows and its current version is 1.0.1.

For people who need a powerful and easy to use text and code editor, Programmers File Editor is a great choice because it makes complicated and heavy edit tasks quite simple. Either way, it is a great choice. With all these features, simple interface, and excellent usability - why are you still reading Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once!

Programmers File Editor (PFE) is a large-capacity, multi-file editor. Although it`s primarily oriented towards program developers and contains features like the ability to run compilers and development applications, it also makes a very good general purpose editor, that works well with extremely large files - it can open and edit a 1 GB log file without problems. This is an old software (no longer in development), but it still works like a charm.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this text editor software.

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