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  • Date: May 23, 2013
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Romaco Timeout is a small and easy to use multi-user time-restriction tool designed to allow a user only so much time on their computer during the course of one day. If they go over this limit, they will be either logged off, or the computer shut down. They will only be able to log back in if the administration password is typed, or until the next day when the quota is reset. The software is designed to be automatic and require no administration after the initial setup.

Romaco Timeout is a free utility that is able to limit the amount of time your kids can spend in front of the computer. Once the maximum time limit is hit, it will auto logoff or shutdown the computer. The user will only able to login back if he/she has Romaco Timeout's administrator password. During the first time of tool launching, it will prompt you to create an administrator password which will be used to lock/unlock Romaco Timeout Control Panel as well as to login back to computer once it reach the maximum limit. After the password is entered and created, Romaco Timeout Control Panel will be displayed and this is the place where you can enable timeout and configure the time limit setting. To start configuring the timeout setting, you need to enter the administrator password to unlock the control panel, then tick Enable Timeout checkbox.

There are two options you can choose for the timeout, either by Daily Quota or Per-session Time Limit. If you choose Daily Quota, meaning the quota is calculated based on daily basic and once the limit is hit, the user will only able to login to the computer on the next day when the quota is reset. If the user attempt to login to the computer again within the same day, it will force him/her to auto logoff or restart the computer upon 30 seconds of login and below is the message that will be displayed when he/she attempt to login again once the limit is hit

It has easy to use interface. To get started, select amount of total daily hours qouta of time allowed for computer usage. It warns user 5 minutes before the actual log out / shutdown time. You can set computer to log out or shutdown once daily hours quota of use expires.

* NET Framework 3.5 of higher

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this pc access control software.

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