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  • Date: May 27, 2008
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    PC Access Control
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Fingerprint Software - Secure PC Login Download
Free Download Fingerprint Software - Secure PC Login 4.1.0

Fingerprint Software - Secure PC Login is a PC security utilizing the dynamic and robust M2SYS fingerprint scanning/recognition module.

Features: secure PC login, password management, file encryption/decryption, application lock and screen saver lock.

The M2SYS fingerprint scanning/recognition module can be easily integrated into any Windows based application without the burdens of a traditional SDK.

M2SYS offers a complete set of fingerprint based applications that function flawlessly from the largest, enterprise level situation to the average, end-user. Our fingerprint module can be implemented into almost an infinite number of environments and has proven invaluable while working in conjunction with point of sale, notary public, health club management, banking, health care management, library, law enforcement/jail management and many other types of software. It has also proven effective for employee tracking/access/time management situations.
M2SYSs fingerprint software is even being used in the US Army and Air force M2SYS technology enables everyone from the largest Fortune 500 company to the average, end-user to harness the power of fingerprint scanning technology without the burdens of a fingerprint SDK.

M2SYS fingerprint solutions are extremely scalable and fit perfectly with any organizational setup, big or small.
M2SYS solutions are hardware agnostic and not tied to a particular fingerprint SDK. This translates into complete freedom while choosing a hardware/software environment, and eliminates the problems associated with being tied to particular setup.
M2SYS is also a dedicated fingerprint software R+D company and is constantly updating and re-inventing biometrics to confirm with not only new technology, but also market demand.


Secure Windows Login: System users no longer must remember a username and password. Simply swipe your finger on the M2-S1 fingerprint reader and you are automatically logged in to the operating system.

Password Management: Passwords used to activate applications or for members only web pages can be replaced using fingerprint authentication. It is not necessary to remember multiple and often unique user IDs and passwords to gain entry to secured information. This feature also ensures that only you access the application and WEB pages requiring user IDs and passwords.

File Encryption, Decryption, and Application Lock: File encryption prevents accidental or corrupt information leakage. This feature is designed for secure file management by specifying users by forcing fingerprint authentication for file decryption. The activation of applications can also be controlled by fingerprint authentication. The FingerGuard system administrator ensures the management and activation control of important applications by users.

Screen Saver Lock: Fingerprint authentication is to unlock the screen saver. This combination provides two factor security access to your desktop after your computer has remained idle for a defined period of time.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $89.99, you can free download and get a free trial.

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