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  • Date: Sep 08, 2010
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Free Download QuotePad 2.2

QuotePad saves the text selected on the screen without forgetting its source. With QuotePad, you can do it with maximum efficiency: just select some text in any application, press Ctrl+Shift+Q and the selected text will be saved to QuotePad together with the URL of the webpage it was copied from.

1. Reminders
2. Quick filtering
3. Automatic backup
4. Multilanguage interface
5. Timestamping
6. Checklist
7. Print

QuotePad Features:
1. Originality. QuotePad is an innovative project of our company and it was fully developed by our team. In no way it is another clone of applications storing you sticky notes on the Desktop of your computer. If you have tried such applications already and given them up, you should try QuotePad. You'll certainly like it!
2. Usability. The easy-to-use interface of the program allows performing all the main actions as easily as possible. To see the list of your notes, just move the cursor to one side of the screen or click the icon in the system tray. To add a new note, simply click the message "Click to add a new note" and to delete one, just drag it to the icon of the shredder with your mouse.
3. Reminders. You can create reminders that trigger at the specified time or intervals. The reminder can start the specified application or play a sound file at the moment of triggering. If at that time you are very busy with something else you can delay the reminder for a couple of minutes.
4. Search. Any created note can be easily found by using the quick search.
5. Checklist. You can mark any note. It can be useful, for example, at QuotePad use as a todo list.
6. Print. When a note is selected, you are only two clicks away from printing it. And not a single annoying dialog window!
7. Advanced safety. QuotePad automatically creates up to 9 backup copies of the note database file. In case there are any problems, the program automatically recovers the note database file from the latest undamaged backup. Thus, the loss of your data due to a system failure is practically impossible.
8. Keyboard shortcuts. If you wish you can work with the program using only the keyboard. You can also make the QuotePad window active or create a new note using only the keyboard shortcuts from any other application.
9. Multilingual interface. At present QuotePad has a 30-language interface: English, German, Italian, French, Japan, Chinese and many others. You can choose your native language easily at the first run of the program.
10. Multiple award winner. QuotePad won more than 10 awards from a number of competent resources. Some of them you can see on your right.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this post-it-note software.

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