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  • Date: May 08, 2011
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PresentationClock Download
Free Download PresentationClock 2.0

A tiny timing software. PresentationClock displays the number of minutes elapsed in a screen corner. Users can specify the font, foreground color, background color, width, height, and choice of corner for the clock display. Works great with PowerPoint or Impress. No installation required.

Command Line useage:
java -jar PresentationClock.jar font:"Calibri-bold-18" foreground:"192,192,192" background:"255,255,255" width:"40" height:"20" corner:"1"

To use another font, foreground color, background color, width, height, or corner, simply change the appropriate key:value pair. Colors can be specified by name (e.g. blue, orange) or by RGB values. Corner choices are 1 (top-right), 2 (top-left), 3 (bottom-left), and 4 (bottom-right).

* Java

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this time clock software.

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