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  • Date: Dec 24, 2019
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Picture Timeclock is an easy way to have employees clocking in and out. The program keeps records as the employee punches in and out. The In and Out clocking sequence is automatic. Clocking records can be edited by the manager. Clocking report can be previewed and customized before printing.

Picture Timeclock Features:
1. Using a barcode scanner instead of the keyboard to enter the Employee ID.
2. Automatic Clocking in and out sequencing.
3. Collecting employee tips as an option when employees clock out. This helps restaurant managers when dealing with the IRS!
4. Translations of common messages to employees in their native language.
5. Optional rounding to the nearest quarter.
6. Optional lookup in to the "Scheduling Employees 2000" (Sew.mdb) database for employee ID, names, schedules, etc.
7. The current version now allows Employees and Departments to be entered locally as part of the program.
8. Optional early clock-in and late clock-out warnings and blocking.
9. A report prints the total hours "On the clock" and tip totals between two selected dates.
10. Records can be edited and pictures reviewed.
11. Pictures can be stored for a number of days that can be set under "Options".
12. A password function can control access to the program and exit from the Clock screen.
13. No pointing device (Mouse) needed to clock in or out.
14. Badge reader (Barcode) support.
15. Print preview before printing reports.
16. Optional forced Clock Outs after a set of hours have expired.
17. Optionally auto deducts breaks based on current hours "On the clock".
18. On screen keyboard option for tough or mouse entry.
19. Who is "In" and who is "Out" on Clock screen.
20. Show elapsed time on clocking out.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this time clock software.

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