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PixelTest Download
Free Download PixelTest 1.0

PixelTest quickly verify pixel integrity on your LCD, offers a series of tests to verify the functionality of all the pixels on your LCD screen.

LCD monitor is composed of a large POC-points are small. These points are called pixels. The number of pixels the monitor we find the largest resolution available. If 1680 to 1050 points, the number of pixels is obtained by multiplying those two numbers. Each pixel consists of three more men-network points subpixely representing primary colors - red, green and blue. By mixing three primary colors get a color point, the above-mentioned pixel. Individual points create the resulting image, and NAL is understandable if these points are different colors.
As the LCD monitor contains hundreds of thousands of pixels, it may be that some do not work as expected, either from production or effect of time. After-damage to the pixel is reflected triple manner, and can look like:
Black Point - This occurs when the transistor activating amount of light that shows the pro-ing all three subpixelov is a hack-nut , resulting in a permanently black pixel.
White Point - It is a set of three subpixelov (a pixel), and the transistors do not work. This allows the release of all the RGB light through the layer, which creates a luminous point clearly.
Otherwise colored point - if one looks, from subpixelov not, there are different ratio of mixed colors. Subpixel can also be jammed when the item will remain red, blue or green.
There is a so-called dead pixel that looks like black point, with the difference that all subpixely are permanently disabled.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this diagnostic software.

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