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  • Date: Apr 13, 2010
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Free Download ASUS SmartDoctor 5.57

ASUS SmartDoctor is a group of special tools to help users make the most of their ASUS graphics cards. It monitors the Fan RPM, AGP Power Level, GPU and RAM temperature, and has a slide bar for easy manual overclocking. Furthermore, the embedded HyperDrive and SmartCooling technology can dynamically overclock and change the fan speed for better performance and convenience. With its comprehensive hardware monitoring functions it provides you with the best graphics card investment protection and best performance when overclocking.

ASUS SmartDoctor2 is designed to satisfy two major goals. One is to monitor graphic chip Status, altering users about abnormal events, such as fan malfunction or chip overheat. The other, as the name SmartDoctor implies, is to cool down the graphic chip smartly when it is not necessary for it to be kept running at full speed. SmartDoctor2 includes AGP Power Level Monitoring, Fan RPM Monitoring, Overheated protection, Smartcooling technology, and Manual Overclocking.

AGP Power Level Monitoring
AGP Power Level Monitoring can detect the power level from the AGP bus to the graphics card to ensure the stability of your valuable system

Temperature level monitoring
With temperature monitoring, you can detect the temperature level for important component including GPU and memory on the graphics card to ensure the safety of your valuable system

Fan RPM Monitoring
Fan RPM Monitoring offers this extra safety feature to ensure you that the fan on the graphics chip is functioning well

Shader Clock Overclocking
Shader Clock and Engline Clock can be tweaked independently to boost astonishing performance

Note: The shader clock overclocking function can apply to all ASUS EN8x Series graphics cards.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this diagnostic software.

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