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Want to notice on the "copyright" of the images that you have on in your web, or simply to add a personal signature to your creations in 3D You work hard to take great photography and should be rewarded for your efforts. Watermarking your images is a way to reduce theft and to get recognition for your creative talents. But how can we add watermarks on our images Don't worry about it! PhotoWatermark Professional can do the job for you! Following is the detailed introduction of this image watermarks maker. Give it a try and protect your production now!

When we post images on the Internet, we must realize that this image will sooner or later be stolen (or borrowed, if we like it better). PhotoWatermark Professional is a powerful tool that helps us create watermark/overlay to protect our intellectual properties. Batch Watermarker can add watermarks (either image, text, or both) onto our graphic files in batches. PhotoWatermark Professional runs on Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. In addition, PhotoWatermark Professional provides a free trial for us. It is a standalone software and does not need any extra software and hardware requirement. PhotoWatermark Professional does not contain any adware or spyware, so we can use it safely and undisturbedly. If we want to reliably secure our photos and make sure none of them will be used without our authorization, why not use this great affordable utility for an ever excellent result!

Following are the key features and advantages of this image watermarks maker, including:

PhotoWatermark Professional simplify the process of creating and applying watermarks to a large number of images.

Unlike invisible watermark application for which we pay by the number of uses, PhotoWatermark Professional license does not limit our number of watermarked images. The more images watermarked by PhotoWatermark Professional, the more money we save.

Invisible watermark applications require us to track illegal use of our images. When our images are used in non-internet mediums, we will have a hard time keeping track of their use. PhotoWatermark Professional's visible watermark always appears on our pictures no matter what medium is used.

Unlike invisible watermark application for which special programs are required to view the watermark, PhotoWatermark Professional's visible watermark offers us an all-proof inexpensive way of advertising for us. Whether our pictures appear on the internet, magazines, prints or any other types of media, our company logos always stay there. They are helping us advertise without costing us a penny.

PhotoWatermark Professional features an intuitive interface that give us access to most of the program's functions. Supporting a mixture of text and image watermark of any complexity, it comes preloaded with a variety of effects, such as outline, gradient or texture fill, inner shadow, soft shadow, glow, drop shadow, 3D shadow, emboss and engrave render. Exact watermark positioning ensures a more accurate look of our images, no matter how many we have processed in a batch mode.

PhotoWatermark Professional also supports such operations as batch cropping, renaming, resizing and framing, which makes it a very well-rounded image processing tool. PhotoWatermark Professional is so automated that it can even extract EXIF data from files and place them on images as a watermark!

A built-in watermark file manager helps us manage multiple watermarks for different purposes and switch with a single click. PhotoWatermark Professional supports a combination of batch watermarking, cropping, converting, resizing, renaming and framing. Integrated how-to tips encourages us to start watermarking in no time!

Other useful functions include: Ability to mix text and image watermarks of any complexity. Ability to render outline text watermarks. Ability to set each watermark's opacity level between 0 and 100. 100 means totally opaque and 0 means totally transparent. Ability to set opacity for each text watermark's border, text and fill separately. Ability to render watermarks in smooth quality. Ability to paste bitmap (as PNG) or enhanced Meta format from clipboard (as vector). Ability to list all landscape, square or portrait photos separately. Ability to create multiple watermark files for different purposes to maximize your creativity. Ability to mix different languages (unicode) in text watermarks and much more.

With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability and free trial - why are you still reading Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!

PhotoWaterMarker is a great utility that helps you protect your images and photos by adding watermarks. You can either add custom text as a watermark (for example, a copyright message, your url, etc.) or even your logo or any other image. The size, transparency, colour and position of the watermark on images can be customised using PhotoWaterMarker's easy-to-use configuration screen.

PhotoWaterMarker also allows you to watermark a batch of images in one go, to make the process of publishing your images much faster and automatic.

PhotoWaterMarker is an ideal tool for photographers, web publishers and designers who send their works to their customers via the Internet or who have a lot of images on their websites. By adding copyright text or logos, they can protect their work from unauthorised use. The watermark can be positioned in several ways - centred, at one of the corners, or even tiled across the image. PhotoWaterMarker can also be used to add titles or descriptions to help organise large sets of images.

Main features
* Adds custom text or logos as watermarks to photos.
* Provides several different ways of 'blending' the watermark with the image, e.g. transparent watermarks, embossed watermarks, lattice blending, dissolve, screen blending, hard light blending, and much much more.
* Watermark size, colour, and transparency are customisable.
* Provides different ways of positioning the watermark, e.g. centered, corners, tiled, etc.
* Batch watermarking of a group of images.
* Supports all popular image formats, including JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, etc.

PhotoWaterMarker is also available in SDK form, so that watermarking functionality can be included in your applications (C++ / C# / Perl). Please contact our sales team for more information about this product.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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