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A shortcut to Name2Clip tool is placed in the "Send To" menu of Windows Explorer: Sending a Filename to the Clipboard. Name2Clip sits in the "Sent To" menu of Windows Explorer and sends selected filenames to the system clipboard.

Everybody knows how tedious it can be to copy full paths to files and folders from Windows Explorer to the Clipboard. The primary goal of Name2Clip is to fix that problem. Name2Clip is a tiny utility that sends its command line arguments to the system clipboard. Name2Clip can be used with any number of strings as command line parameters. The utility doesn't care much about the content of the strings. It just copies strings to the system clipboard as text where each string occupies a new line. This article shows how to use "Send To" context menu of Windows Explorer together with Name2Clip in order to copy full paths of selected files and folders to the Clipboard.

In order to keep things as small and as light as possible, Name2Clip doesn't use any external framework or library. It doesn't even use C Run-time library (CRT). Name2Clip is implemented in C programming language and calls strictly Windows API functions. Thanks to this, Name2Clip.exe is lightning fast and its size is about mere 7 KB.

Name2Clip [/c] [/s] [/n] params
/c - Coding friendly format: \ replaced by \\.
/s - Paths are converted to MS-DOS 8.3 format.
/n - Only names rather than full paths are copied.When launched without parameters, Name2Clip shows its usage.
In addition to command line switches, Name2Clip checks the keyboard state when launched. So, if a certain key is pressed, Name2Clip detects it and behaves as if a corresponding command line switch was specified. Here is the list of supported keys:
Ctrl key is pressed (equivalent to the /c switch) - double backslashes are inserted. Example: C:\\Program Files\\Windows NT\\Accessories\\wordpad.exe
Shift key is pressed (equivalent to the /s switch) - MS-DOS 8.3 name is placed into the Clipboard. Example: C:\PROGRA~1\WINDOW~2\ACCESS~1\wordpad.exe
Ctrl+Shift keys are pressed - both of the above. Example: C:\\PROGRA~1\\WINDOW~2\\ACCESS~1\\wordpad.exe

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this clipboard software.

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