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  • Date: Mar 20, 2010
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ClipGuru is a simple clipboard manger that keeps track of all data that is copied to the clipboard, and allows you to recall or save the data as needed. It lets you view clipboard data as text, image or HTML, and also provides a search feature to locate keywords within the clips. You can maintain multiple clip databases, each with up to 400 entries. ClipGuru can also suppress duplicate captures and provides access to the last few captures from the tray icon.
ClipGuru is for the Windows user who prefers clipboard storage features unavailable in the standard Windows clipboard. ClipGuru gives users the ability to recall and reuse current and past clipboard contents, and to optionally save those clips into your own clip Sets for future use.
ClipGuru Runs in the background and does not affect the normal use of the Windows clipboard. It simply grabs a copy of everything copied to the clipboard and saves it for you. Clipboard items are saved, based on user preference, and kept available for recall at any time.
ClipGuru will satisfy the requirements of the vast majority of users. With ease-of-use the design goal, ClipGuru is not a "do everything" clipboard manager with bloated features which would never be used by the vast majority of users.
ClipGuru is developed and maintained under Windows XP and Vista but should function under all Windows versions since Windows 98SE.
ClipGuru is free for non-commercial use and contains no spyware or adware. You won't be asked to donate to use ClipGuru. ClipGuru is not a feature limited, lite version of a pay-for product. ClipGuru is under active development and we are continually improving it and adding new features. We welcome your suggestions for improvements in the documentation, features or ease-of-use of ClipGuru. Should you wish to use ClipGuru in a commercial environment, economic licensing options are available upon request.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this clipboard software.

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