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MaxPower is a lifestyle PC power management utility, It suspends, hibernates and awakens your PC according to your schedule. You'll never be frustrated with your computer being awake or hibernated at the wrong times of day.

For example, MaxPower can suspend your computer after 3 hours of inactivity during business hours but at the same time can suspend it after only 30 mins of inactivity during weekends or evenings. You can't do this with Windows power management because it only has one suspend setting. For example, if you configure Windows to suspend your PC after 3 hours of inactivity and you last use it at 10pm before going to bed, then the PC won't get suspended till 1am when you're well asleep, wasting energy.

1. Cycling between power modes
Another feature of MaxPower is that it can force the computer between the suspend, hibernate and awake modes after the user has been idle a specified amount of time. As you may know, it takes longer to awaken the PC from the hibernate mode than from the suspend mode, yet hibernation can sometime use less electricity. With MaxPower, you can configure your PC to hibernate overnight and move it to suspend mode at a particular time, such as 8am. This way when you start using your computer in the morning it will awaken at the touch of a key, and you won't have to wait the 2-3 minutes that it make take a PC to wake from hibernation. And yes, with some clever scheduling you can configure it to go back to hibernation mode if you don't end up using your computer that morning.

Finally, MaxPower can wake up your PC and keep it awake for a certain period of time regardless of inactivity. This is handy for running automated tasks, such as backups or lengthy downloads. Additionally, MaxPower has a number of keyboard shortcuts to make it easier to use.

2. Power Monitors
You may want to turn off Windows power management (set all options to "Never") so that it doesn't interfere with MaxPower. MaxPower has three power monitors -- the awake, suspend and hibernate monitors. The awake monitor has priority over the suspend monitor and the suspend over the hibernate monitor. A monitor is active if the current time falls within one of the configured intervals in its "include" setting (see below). The awake monitor merely keeps the other two from activating. As for the other two, as soon as the user idle time exceeds the configured idle time the monitor with activate and suspend or hibernate your computer.

4. Sample Schedule
MaxPower is packaged as an executable program and a power scheduling file. The user can configure the power monitors by editing the program's schedule file using a text editor.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this shutdown software.

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