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  • Date: May 06, 2010
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PsShutdown Download
Free Download PsShutdown 2.52

PsShutdown is a command-line utility similar to the shutdown utility, initiate a shutdown/reboot of a local or remote computer, logoff a user, lock a system. PsShutdown requires no manual installation of client software. Just copy PsShutdown onto your executable path, and type psshutdown with command-line options defined below.

Usage: psshutdown [[\\computer[,computer[,..] | @file [-u user [-p psswd]]] -s|-r|-h|-d|-k|-a|-l|-o [-f] [-c] [-t nn|h:m] [-n s] [-v nn] [-e [u|p]:xx:yy] [-m "message"]

computer The computer on which the user account resides. Default=local system
a wildcard (\\*), will affect all computers in the current domain.

-p passwd Specify a password for user (optional). Passed as clear text.
If omitted, you will be prompted to enter a hidden password.

-u user Specify a user name for login to remote computer(optional).

@file Execute the command on each of the computers listed in the file.

-a Abort a shutdown (only possible while a countdown is in progress)

-c Allow the shutdown to be aborted by the interactive user

-d Suspend the computer

-e [u|p]:xx:yy
Shutdown reason code, 'u' = user, 'p'= planned shutdown.
xx is the major reason code (must be less than 256)
yy is the minor reason code (must be less than 65536)

-f Force all running applications to exit during the shutdown
instead of giving them a chance to gracefully save their data.

-h Hibernate the computer

-k Poweroff the computer (reboot if poweroff is not supported)

-l Lock the computer

-m "message" Specify a message to logged-on users when a shutdown countdown commences

-n Timeout in seconds connecting to remote computers

-o Logoff the console user

-r Reboot after shutdown

-s Shutdown without poweroff

-t Countdown in seconds until the shutdown (default: 20 seconds)
or the time of shutdown (in 24 hour notation)

-v Display message for the specified number of seconds before the shutdown.
default= display a shutdown notification dialog,
specifying a value of 0 results in no dialog.

- Help, display the supported options.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this shutdown software.

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