MSI Dual Core Center

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  • Date: Jun 30, 2010
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MSI Dual Core Center Download
Free Download MSI Dual Core Center

MSI Dual Core Center was presented for free download to install, add, update, setup MSI Mainboard Drivers and Utilities. please check your digital device manufacturer MSI, device category Mainboard Drivers and Utilities, device model, operating system, driver version according to MSI Dual CoreCenter Windows 2000/XP/Vista x32/x64.

The MSI Dual Core Center application was designed to be a MSI hardware monitor, overclock, fan and voltage control tool. Dynamic overclock I and Dynamic overclock II for motherboard and VGA.

MSI hardware monitor, overclock, fan control tool & voltage control.

Please Note: The MSI Dual Core Center is exclusively for MSI products only.

1. Key components status hardware monitor
2. Monitor the Dual Core CPU each unit status
3. D.O.T. Technology up to 12% improvement
4. Optimize System status define
5. Adjustable & monitor with "Dual CoreCenter" on windows system
6. Auto speed up with system loading change
7. 5 environment mode and 3 user define mode
8. Combine with VGA CoreCell 3D, totally called "Dual CoreCell"
9. If you are using an ATI graphic card, you must install ver. 8.41 driver and its additional applications to make Dual CoreCenter works normally. It is better to use recommended installation while installing an ATI VGA driver.

Support list :
MS-7173(v2.2),MS-7176(v3.0),MS-7226(v1.0,v2.0),MS-7235(v2.1),MS-7236 v2.5,MS-7238,MS-7241(v1.1),MS-7246(v2.2),MS-7250(v1.0),MS-7253(v1.1),MS-7255(v1.2,v2.0),MS-7267(v3.0,v4.0),MS-7280,MS-7309(v1.2),MS-7317 v1.0,MS-7320 v1.0,MS-7325,MS-7331v1.0,MS-7337,MS-7338,MS-7345,MS-7346,MS-7349 v1.0,MS-7350,MS-7356 v1.0,MS-7357,MS-7358 v1.0,MS-7359 v1.0,MS-7360,MS-7362,MS-7364,MS-7365,MS-7382,MS-7383(v1.0,v2.0) MS-7387 v0A,MS-7392
ATI: V044
nVidia: V046,V060,V069, support all nVidia/ATI AGP/PCI-E VGA Card

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system monitor software.

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