Battery Charge Monitor

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  • Date: May 04, 2011
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Battery Charge Monitor will assist in making the computer use the battery in the most efficient way, ie utilizing a complete charge or discharge cycle rather than just a partial one. It will prompt the user to continue with the same cycle on restart that was being used previously.
In order to achieve this it is important that a battery goes from a fully charged state to a fully discharged one, rather than just being fractionally charged each time, although the battery will not suffer adversely if the main power is used on every occasion. However, should the user choose otherwise, the above prompts can easily be suppressed.

Note that this procedure can only be performed on accounts with Administrator priveleges. This also applies to the use of Battery Controller.

Before performing any new installation it is important to uninstall an older version first, which can be done as follows:
1. Start Services.msc from the Run box.
2. Highlight Battery Monitor and then Right-click and select Properties.
3. Select Stop and close the panel when the service has stopped; also close the Services panel.
4. Select the folder C:\Program Files\BatteryService and Double-click the file Uninstall.
5. A command window will appear. Press any key when the DONE! message appears.

When the battery has reached 100% charge a prompt will appear indicating that the power supply should be disconnected, and, if this is done, the discharge cycle will then commence. Reply OK to confirm, or Cancel to ignore any futher prompts if it is desired to leave the power connected.

* .NET Framework

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this system monitor software.

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