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  • Date: Jan 29, 2011
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MDX Viewer Download
Free Download MDX Viewer 1.1

MDX Viewer is a small, easy and free viewer for anybody who like to view / convert models. It is a small, easy and free viewer for anybody who like to view / convert models.

1. view Kingpin mdx models
2. wireframe, flat shaded, smooth shaded or textured
3. change background color, wireframe color, shade color, light color
4. import backround and water texture
5. selectable animation, adjustable animation speed (interpolated & non-interpolated)
6. importing of RLE and NON-RLE TGA files (NOTE: look at bugs)
7. can merge up to 6 model files (and their skins)
8. option to export main model into MD2 File format
9. adjustable brightness (NOTE: Need to reload skin after changing brightness)
10. option to take screenshot or save whole model animation view to custom compression AVI File
11. can load Kingpin PAK files and open mdx & tga files from them
12. progress bar when saving AVI file so you know how long it will take to complete
13. fixed GLCommands writting int MD2 files .. now it should be perfect
14. now you can open mdx files by double clicking on them (need to set mdx file association first)
15. now you can make AVI files from selected animations

* left-mouse-click+drag to rotate model view
* right-mouse-click+drag to zoom model view
* shift+left-mouse-click+drag to move the model view
* Shortcuts:
l: toggle light
w: toggle water
s: toggle shininess
p: toggle pause
+: increase animation speed
-: decrease animation speed
1: wireframe
2: flatshaded
3: smoothshaded
4: textured

* MDX model

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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