MARS (Membership and Activity Record System)

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  • Date: Oct 19, 2010
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MARS (Membership and Activity Record System) Download
Free Download MARS (Membership and Activity Record System) 3.19

Complete contact and activity management. MARS 3 (Membership and Activity Record System for Nonprofit Organizations) is what nonprofits ask for most: a single, integrated database that can manage ALL their contacts, members, and organizational activities. You can easily customize MARS to record the kind of information your organization needs. MARS helps you to manage your organization by managing information about your organzation more effectively. MARS can support any organization with 50 to 50,000 contacts.

1. Powerful
MARS keeps track of mailing lists, contact and organizational interests, events and classes, organizations and their staff members, due-paying members, volunteer hours, communications, fundraising activities and donations, administrative tasks, payments of all kinds, and a wide range of organizational and promotional activities, all customizable to your organization's requirements.

2. Easy
First we made MARS powerful, and then we made it easy to use. MARS has just one screen, five tabs, and zero menus.

3. Free
MARS's single-user license is free. That and a word processing program is all most non-profits need for a complete and comprehensive solution that can manage its contacts and activities and produce unlimited reports and documents.

MARS (Membership and Activity Record System) Features:
1. Personalized salutations - distinct informal and formal greetings for each person.
2. Associates - record relationships between contacts (spouse, children, business associates, organization staff members, etc.)
3. One click to open a new email, print a complete contact history, or to address an envelope, print a form letter, etc.

MARS is a comprehensive contact management system designed specifically for non-profit organizations. This means:
1. easy to learn and use, since users are often part-time staff or volunteers
2. membership management features, since membership is vital to many non-profits
3. customizable, since the 'personal touch' is important to service delivery
4. low-cost, to meet the practical budget restraints of most organizations
5. powerful reporting capabilities, to quickly respond to the changing requirements and questions of funding agencies, board members, and interest groups
6. a single, centralized database that consolidates and manages all contact information, so you can operate in a consistent and 'informed' manner

MARS records most of a contact's information via 'activity', which can be anything from a payment to getting put on a mailing list to recording personal information. MARS is open-ended, so you can record as little or as much of your own information requirements as you want.
1. Payments and other activity may be entered singly or in batches for efficiency, balancing and control.
2. Dates can be whatever you want them to be - payment date, tickler date, college graduation date, etc. You can search by date range to find just the contacts or activity you are looking for.
3. Need to count something? Every activity has both a 'count' as well as hours, so you can tally just about anything - headcounts, tickets sold, volunteer hours, training hours, etc.
4. All activity can be 'characterized' for more defined searching and reporting. For example, an event can have 'presenter', 'attendee', 'volunteer', etc.
5. All activity can be looked up by date, contact, activity codes, and wildcard searching in text fields, singly and in combination.
6. Visual cues for contact name and activity improve accuracy.
7. Direct activity entry - no need to 'look up' each contact first.

Lists and mailings
1. Every activity is automatically a searchable list for reports and mailings.
2. Compile multiple lists on the fly for a combined, non-duplicated list of names for mailing or emailing.
3. MARS comes with several mail merge templates for labels, envelopes, and form letters, and you can make up your own templates using Microsoft Word or other word processors for complete customization.
4. Group lists together to create non-duplicated 'super-lists'. Duplicated addresses can also be eliminated when you want to send just one mailing piece per household.

1. Send emails to individuals or in bulk - MARS's integrated SMTP client lets you send multiple emails with one click, and each email is individually addressed.
2. If you use a web-based email service, you can export email addresses for uploading to the service.

List management
1. Contacts can be dropped off specific or all mailing lists without having to delete information, singly or in bulk.
2. Export addresses to a file for large mailings when you use a mailing house.
3. Inactive contacts can be flagged and dropped off lists.

Reports and Searching
1. MARS includes standard reports for both detailed and summary information. MARS lets you 'tap' your database to discover information in literally thousands of different ways.
2. Preview all reports before printing.
3. Print one or more labels starting at any given label number - no more wasted labels!
4. MARS reports can be exported to PDF format for convenient sharing.

User security
With multiple users you can assign full, limited, and read-only permissions to your database as needed.

1. Don't have members? Just leave the membership section blank.
2. Multiple membership categories as needed.
3. Generate renewal materials as well as new member and renewed member materials.
4. MARS can automatically figure and update the new member and renewed member membership dates and status - no need to edit those items manually.
5. Combine the data management power of MARS with your own word processing templates to produce membership and promotional materials to your exact requirements.

Briefly put, MARS keeps track of everyone with connections to your organization - members, interested people, media, interest groups, staff and volunteers. MARS describes and records all these connections as 'activity'. For example, a person renewing a membership, registering for a class, or attending a meeting is an activity; so is putting that person on a mailing list, or recording their special interests.

MARS comes with several built-in reports for your internal use, plus Microsoft Word documents that serve as templates for renewal letters, mailing labels, etc. Because these templates are in Word, you can customize these templates, and create your own, as the need arises.

For organizations with a high volume of activity, MARS has numerous features to speed and even eliminate data entry. For example, when a membership payment is entered, MARS can automatically update the member's status, membership dates, etc., thus eliminating what is otherwise a second and separate manual process. Plus, MARS has batch control features to make it easy to balance payments with your deposits. At month-end you can print a payment register and post just the summary totals to your accounting system.

Finally, many organizations come to MARS from spreadsheets, and whatever limitations that approach has, it is easy to 'get your hands' on your information - and to 'change it' to make it right. With MARS, you can always export some or all of your information back to a spreadsheet. And any and all information within MARS can always be edited to represent exactly what you want.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this application software.

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