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LoadPlanner offers comprehensive load planning and optimization solution. The heart of LoadPlanner is its sophisticated 3D loading algorithm, the result of many years of intensive research and cooperation with leading logistics providers. But what makes us different is that LoadPlanner is an advanced rule-based system. It has unique capabilities to:
1. Classify business objects (items, orders, containers, etc.) into flexible system of categories.
2. Formulate high-level business rules and constraints, and apply them to selected categories.
3. Use business rules and constraints in the process of load planning and optimization.
4. Solve multi-tier load planning problems (packaging - palletizing - container / trailer loading).
5. Produce results in form of easy-to-analyse interactive 3D graphics.

Whether you are in industrial manufacturing striving to optimize your supply chain, international or domestic carrier committed to lower your operating costs, retailer dedicated to run your distribution network more efficiently, or anywhere else where the words "cargo", "freight", "shipment" are in your business language, automated load planning and optimization will significantly improve your business process.

While the concept of computerized simulation of 3D load building is not new, with some companies offering software solutions for "virtual" loading, no one has a single product that is capable to handle complex variety of business rules and constraints of the modern transportation industry. LoadPlanner is the first system that offers comprehensive load planning and optimization solution.

When specifying an Item, LENGTH, WIDTH and HEIGHT properties define dimensions of a box-shaped object. To define a cylinder, leave LENGTH and WIDTH fields blank and specify DIAMETER.
LoadPlanner does not define any specific units of measurement (inches, centimeters, pounds, kilograms, etc.). It is up to user of the system to give a meaning to the numbers, as soon as they are consistent with all items, and other definitions that use numeric values.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $600.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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