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  • Date: Aug 11, 2010
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Laptop CD/DVD Guard Download
Free Download Laptop CD/DVD Guard 3.3.1

CD/DVD drive's tray is a rather fragile thing. It's easy to break it by ocassional pressure. Laptop computers are often taken from different sides, and it's easy to press the button on front of the optical button, eject its door and crash it accidently. Thus laptop computers require special protection for their optical devices to prevent crash of their tray. Laptop CD/DVD Guard provides the simplest but still very effective way for protecting CD/DVD drive of your notebook. Lock CD/DVD drive of your laptop and prevent it from unexpected crash.

Laptop CD/DVD Guard offers you all of the features of CD/DVD Door Guard Pro applicable on laptop computers. It helps you to lock the drive and prevent your small children from playing with it, locks your laptop's drive when the computer goes to sleep mode, reminds about forgotten disk inside the drive. It can show messages or play a sound when the drive is being locked and lock the drive immediately after starting Windows. Also you can customize what the utility will do when you click on its icon in tray.

Laptop CD/DVD Guard helps you to save money. How? Once paid for this utility, you may use it as long as you need protecting each new laptop you would have bought. Buying Laptop CD/DVD Guard you save your money required for buying a new CD/DVD drive or repairing broken tray of the old one. Aslo you save your time that will be wasted while your laptop would be under repair.

Laptop CD/DVD Guard Features:
1. Works on computers with many CD/DVD devices (including external drives) and allows to have different settings for each drive.
2. Helps to lock CD/DVD drive's door. This helps to protect it from children and casual pressures.
3. Unlocks the drive's door automatically when you open or close it automatically with help of Laptop CD/DVD Guard.
4. Helps to lock the drive when Windows starts. You won't forget to protect CD/DVD drive from crash!
5. Locks CD/DVD drive when computer goes to sleep mode. This helps to protect your laptop's CD/DVD drive from ejecting its door unexpectedly.
6. Unlocks CD/DVD drive when computer wakes up.
7. Reminds about forgotten disk inside the drive when computer shuts down or goes to sleep mode.
8. Not only shows messages, but can also beep when you lock or unlock the drive or forget disk inside it.
9. Helps you to open CD/DVD drive's door with hot keys or Laptop CD/DVD Guard's icon in system tray. Also helps you to lock or unlock the drive in the same way.
10. Supports different languages for interface. See list of translations at our Web site.
11. Updates itself automatically.

* 64 Mb RAM;
* 10 days trial period

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $14.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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