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  • Date: May 24, 2010
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Jot+ Notes can be a replacement for MS-Cardfile, adding a host of new functionality to help you organize. Jot+ includes hierarchical notes for organizing, rich text support including embedded images and objects, search-and-replace including regular expressions, advanced printing including multiple columns and print preview, password protection, flexible import and export supporting file formats including text, CSV, HTML, XML and RTF, configurable user interface including dockable toolbars, automation support, hyperlinks and plugin support.

Jot+ Notes Features:
Core Features
1. Notes are organized in a hierarchy or outline for efficient organization.
2. Each note can hold up to a megabyte of text, supporting rich formatting, embedded objects and images, and more.
3. Note titles can be displayed with choice of icons, colours, and styles.
4. Notes can be automatically sorted by title, number, creation date, or manually; each note can sort its children differently.
5. 21st century user interface, complete with full-colour toolbar images, configurable toolbars, and re-assignable shortcut keys. The Jot+ Notes interface, more than ever, can be configured to work the way you want it to.
6. Note marking to highlight notes and perform actions on these marked notes.
7. Powerful search and replace facilities, with support for regular expressions and simple boolean queries.
8. Optional password protection to keep your sensitive data safe.
9. Optional notefile compression can reduce file sizes up to 90%!

Advanced Editing
1. StyleMacros allow complex formatting to be applied with a single mouse-click.
2. Timestamp command to insert current date/time, with a wide choice of date/time formats.
3. URL/hyperlink support - double-click on a hyperlink launches the appropriate Internet application - no special formatting required!
4. Powerful note hyperlinks to create links between notes within a notefile.
5. Word Count command calculates number of characters, words, and paragraphs in a note or just the selected text.
6. Special commands to help reformat plain text (eg imported e-mail or news articles).
7. Character map facility to select and insert any character in any installed font.

1. Advanced printing options includes multiple column output, new column/page between notes, choice of fonts, configurable note spacing.
2. Print preview displays up to two pages at a time, zoom in/out, show margins.
3. Print all notes, current note, marked notes, titles only, etc.

1. XML is the new standard for sharing data between applications, and Jot+ Notes supports exporting and importing XML data.
2. HTML export supports fonts, most formatting, bullets and numbering, and embedded images.
3. CSV (Command Separated Values) import supports many options to enable it to read just about any CSV file, including many non-standard formats (MS Excel and Outlook for example).
4. Other import/export formats supported: MS Cardfile, Text, and Rich Text Format. The Jot+ Convert utility provides support for even more formats!
5. Export the entire notefile or just the current note.

Advanced Features
1. Jot+ Notes includes support for plugins, which are separate modules that can be loaded by Jot+ Notes to add new commands to the Jot+ Notes user interface. Even better, these new commands can be added to toolbars and have shortcut keys assigned to them just like Jot+ Notes' own built-in commands!
2. Document properties compatible with the Explorer.
3. File locking to allow notefiles to be shared safely.
4. Quickly dial phone numbers from notes using Windows Dialer.
5. The Automation support in Jot+ Notes allows other applications to control Jot+ Notes and access notefiles.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $29.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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