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GPSports Analysis Download
Free Download GPSports Analysis 1.6.5

GPSports Analysis is for the acceptance, analysis and reporting of GPS (positional, distance and speed) and heart rate data for sport and fitness analysis. GPSports Analysis is a software package providing Athletes, Coaches and Sports Professionals the ability to maintain a database of sport related performance data using the GPSports SPI10
1. The Athlete database allows you to keep track of the athlete's details including names, addresses and email.
2. A Download facility that allows speed, heart rate, positional and other performance data to be retrieved from the GPSports SPI10 and stored in a database for analysis.
3. A sophisticated Analysis function is provided to allow athletic performances to be compared to one another and analysed for trends.
4. Full reporting is provided in tabular and graphical formats.

It offer users a sports analysis tool, that allows coaches and athletes to track the distances, speeds, heartrate, and other performance metrics of players wearing a gps and heartrate tracking device.

GPSports Analysis Features:
1. Integration of GPS and Heart Rate data
2. Display positioning information sorted by speed/heart rate zones
3. Export positioning data to Google Earth
4. Reporting module (export to PDF, Excel).

The GPSports Systems SPI10 Sports Performance Indicator (SPI) integrates heart rate measurement technology with the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system. The patented combination of these two leading edge technologies has made the training and measurement methodologies only previously accessible by elite athletes available to the general public.

Please Note: this program can't support Windows (64bits).

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this application software.

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