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German Noun Gender Trainer. GNGT is a handy utility designed to help German learners to memorize genders of German nouns.
Before you can start using the program, you should add some nouns and set their genders. You can do so by selecting the "edit nouns" option from the file menu. You can modify the nouns later in the same way.
Its not recommended to add compound nouns because the program interface wont fit long nouns, and memorizing the gender of the last part of a compound noun is sufficient. The program allows a maximum of 23 characters for both the singular form and the plural form of any noun.
When adding new nouns, a singular form must be entered, but a plural form is optional. However, its highly recommended to look up plural forms and add them so that both singular and plural forms are memorized.
After adding some nouns, you can start using the program which would test you by giving you some random noun (i.e. Buch) and you should supply the correct corresponding definite article (which is in this case das). If you made a mistake, youll get a corrective feedback. And either ways, youll get another random noun afterwards, and so on.
Each noun has a memorization streak, that is, the number of sequential times that its gender was chosen correctly by the user. A single mistake resets the streak back to 0. When a streak reaches 10, the corresponding noun is considered memorized, and is removed.
All nouns are stored in a text file named "nouns.txt". You can copy the file into another platform and use it there because the format and character encoding of the file is consistent across all platforms.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this application software.

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