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Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe Download
Free Download Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe 11.0.0 Build 40

Fleet Maintenance Pro combines the essential features and flexibility you need with extreme ease of use, making it the ideal choice for any fleet size. Fleet Maintenance Pro will help you manage your fleet inventory, preventive maintenance, repairs, fuel, parts, and much more in an affordable package.

Fleet Maintenance Pro Standard makes it easy to track and organize preventive and repair maintenance information on your fleet of vehicles and equipment. In addition to helping you organize your equipment information, Fleet Maintenance Pro will also automatically calculate and report maintenance due for your fleet.
When you start Fleet Maintenance Pro, automated and color-coded PM (preventive maintenance) alerts instantly show you which vehicles and equipment are due for service at all times. You can setup your own preventive maintenance criteria in Fleet Maintenance Pro so it automatically notifies you when the maintenance intervals you specify are reached.
In addition to preventive maintenance scheduling, use the built-in repair scheduling utility to help you track unexpected repairs or problems reported by drivers or operators. When maintenance is performed on one of your assets, it can be recorded and saved to the fleet history so you can easily monitor PM, repairs, parts, labor, and overall operating costs. This will help you monitor trends in neglect, abuse, or simply aging equipment.
In addition to maintenance, Fleet Maintenance Pro will also track fuel usage, registrations, inspections, insurance, loan/lease information, employees, vendors, and more. A large number of stock reports are also provided with Fleet Maintenance Pro. With any report, you can specify data filtering criteria to only display the information you need.
There are three levels of Fleet Maintenance Pro based on your needs and budget. If needed, advanced features are also available such as work order generation, parts inventory tracking, bar-coding, purchase orders, invoicing, and more. Network versions of Fleet Maintenance Pro are also available.

* Fleet Inventory Tracking

All editions of Fleet Maintenance Pro will track an unlimited number of fleet vehicles and equipment. You can track all of the descriptive details that you need to manage your fleet including the year, make, model, serial number, etc. Also provided are numerous user-definable fields for tracking other equipment facts that pertain to your fleet.

* Preventive Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance Pro makes it easy to see when a vehicle or piece of equipment is due for service at all times. Automated and color-coded PM (preventive maintenance) alerts will automatically display upon program startup. Equipment due (or overdue) for service will be shaded "red" while equipment soon due for service will be shaded "yellow". This provides an excellent visual of where your fleet stands at any given time.

Fleet Maintenance Pro provides a wide range of PM services that are already defined for you. However, you can easily customize the list or create your own maintenance schedules based on the tracking requirements of your fleet. You can track your PM by date, mileage, hours, or kilometers.

* Repair Maintenance

Tracking repair maintenance is just as important as tracking preventive maintenance. Keeping track and monitoring trends in repair maintenance can help you decide whether to keep or retire a vehicle or piece of equipment.

In addition to PM scheduling, unexpected repairs that drivers encounter can be logged and scheduled to be completed using the repair scheduling utility.

* History Recording

Tracking history is one of the most vital tasks when managing a fleet as it can be used to analyze costs and monitor trends in wear, neglect and abuse of your equipment. And, historical information can be the determining factor when deciding to keep or retire a vehicle or piece of equipment.

When maintenance activities are performed on your fleet, Fleet Maintenance Pro keeps track of all of the pertinent details. A preventive and repair maintenance history is generated, listing all of the maintenance performed on your equipment which can include costs of PM, repairs, parts, labor, tax, and more.

In addition, Fleet Maintenance Pro provides a wealth of history reports that can be used to analyze your history data over time to establish the equipment's cost effectiveness to your company.

* Fuel Tracking

Monitoring fuel consumption and economy is also an important factor when managing a fleet. When fuel transactions are recorded into Fleet Maintenance Pro, numerous fuel statistics calculations are performed that will also help show you trends in wear and abuse of your equipment. Also available is the Fuel Import Utility which will completely eliminate manual data entry by importing data from your existing fuel card system.

This maintenance tracking software can also be customized to track the types of information that are important to you, and print out detailed reports so that you know where you stand at any given time.

* Parts Inventory

Easily track the usage of parts on your fleet with the Deluxe Edition of Fleet Maintenance Pro. Itemize parts used when recording maintenance performed and generate numerous parts usage reports. With the Barcoding Add-on, you can track parts by scanning UPC symbols and other barcodes.

If you also need stock tracking capabilities, the Shop Edition will provide you a complete set of parts inventory features including stock management, part associations, re-order notifications, and a built-in purchase order system.

* Work Orders (Shop Edition only)

In addition to reporting maintenance that is due, the work order system will automatically generate work orders for each piece of equipment based on the due maintenance. If configured, the parts required to perform the maintenance will also be automatically populated on the work order.

When the open work order has been satisfied by the work being performed, close the work order and all services pertaining to that work order are automatically updated to history nearly eliminating manual data entry. Numerous work order summary and detailed reports are also provided.

* Flexible Reporting

Reporting is also one of the most important aspects of any fleet maintenance management system. Unfortunately, most companies take this lightly and produce inadequate reporting modules in their software. This is where Fleet Maintenance Pro excels by providing you with over 100 reports at your fingertips. From simple fleet listing reports to complicated periodical cost analysis reports, everything you need is included. In addition, with the Standard Edition and higher, a report editor tool is included so you can easily make adjustments to any of the stock reports included with Fleet Maintenance Pro.

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