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  • Date: Oct 28, 2010
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FireStorm/DAO Download
Free Download FireStorm/DAO 4.0.1

Database Access Tool. FireStorm/DAO is a code generator that makes software developers more productive by automatically generating DAO code for accessing relational databases. FireStorm/DAO's code generation approach cuts costs through higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs.

FireStorm/DAO is a database access tool that imports existing database schemas (from a SQL script or from a live JDBC connection) and generates a complete data persistence tier based on any of the following persistence technologies:
1. Standard Java DAO using JDBC DAO
2. Hibernate DAO
3. Spring DAO JDBC
4. Ruby (using the mysql-ruby library)

FireStorm/DAO generates code that is compliant with the Data Access Object design pattern (the DAO design pattern is a core J2EE design pattern). The database access tool generates Java DAO code and configuration files that developers would otherwise have to write by hand. In addition to being a database access tool, FireStorm/DAO can also generate presentation tier code based on JSPs and Struts.

FireStorm/DAO Architect Edition Features
1. Import database schemas from a JDBC connection
2. Import database schemas from SQL/DDL scripts
3. Reverse-engineer stored procedures
4. Round-trip engineering (import modifications made to a schema)
5. Create new schemas using a simple user interface
6. Imported schemas can be modified using a simple user interface
7. Generates Data Access Object (DAO) interfaces
8. Generates Data Access Object (DAO) exception classes
9. Generates Data Transfer Object (DTO) classes
10. Generates Data Access Object (DAO) classes for JDBC
11. Generates Data Access Object (DAO) classes for Java Persistence API (JPA)
12. Generates Data Access Object (DAO) classes for Spring JDBC
13. Generates Session Bean facade for each DAO interface
14. Generates Web pages based on Apache Struts framework
15. Generates Web pages based on plain Java Server Pages
16. Dynamic Update Method
17. Interactive SQL Tool
18. Database Schema Migration
19. Optimized JDBC Code
20. Import Generation for Partial Schema
21. Generates CMP deployment descriptors
22. Generates J2EE deployment descriptors
23. Generates ANT build scripts

Supported Databases:
All editions of FireStorm/DAO support the following database platforms:
1. Oracle 8i/9i
2. Sybase
3. IBM DB2
4. MySQL
5. IBM Cloudscape
6. Microsoft SQL Server
7. Informix
8. Apache Derby
9. Microsoft Access
10. InnoDB
11. PostgreSQL
12. Any JDBC-compliant database

Supported J2EE Platforms:
FireStorm/DAO Enterprise Edition generates code for the following J2EE platforms:
1. BEA WebLogic 6.1
2. BEA WebLogic 7
3. BEA WebLogic 8.1
4. IBM WebSphere 4
5. IBM WebSphere 5
6. JBoss 3.2

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this database management software.

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