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  • Date: Aug 17, 2023
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RapidMiner Download
Free Download RapidMiner 10.2.0 (x86)

RapidMiner is A great data mining application filled with interesting features. It is undoubtedly the most widely used open-source system for data mining. You can use it as a stand-alone application for data analysis as well as data mining engine for integration into their own products.

Thousands of installations of RapidMiner in more than 40 countries to give these users a competitive advantage today.
1. Data integration, analytical ETL, data analysis and reporting into a single suite
2. Powerful and yet intuitive graphical user interface for the design of analytical processes
3. Repositories for process, data and metadata management
4. The only solution with metadata transformation: Forget trial and error and inspect the results already at design time
5. The only solution that supports an on-the-fly Error Detection and Quick Fixes

Data Sheet:
1. Freely available open-source data mining and analysis system
2. Runs on every major platform and operating system
3. Most intuitive process design
4. Multi-layered data view concept ensures efficient data handling
5. GUI mode, server mode (command line), or access via Java API
6. Simple extension mechanism
7. Powerful high-dimensional plotting facilities
8. Most comprehensive solution available: more than 500 operators for data integration and transformation, data mining, evaluation, and visualization
9. Automatic meta optimization schemes
10. Definition of re-usable building blocks
11. Standardized XML interchange format for processes
12. Graphical process design for standard tasks, scripting language for arbitrary operations
13. Machine learning library WEKA fully integrated
14. Access to data sources like Excel, Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL, Sybase, Ingres, mySWL, Postgres, SPSS, dBase, Text files and more
15. Most comprehensive data mining solution with respect to data integration, transformation, and modeling methods
16. Winner of several user and jury awards

RapidMiner Community Edition Features:
1. 100% pure Java (runs on every major platform and operating system)
2. KD processes are modeled as simple operator trees which is both intuitive and powerful
3. operator trees or subtrees can be saved as building blocks for later re-use
4. internal XML representation ensures standardized interchange format of data mining experiments
5. simple scripting language allowing for automatic large-scale experiments
6. multi-layered data view concept ensures efficient and transparent data handling
7. Flexibility in using RapidMiner:
8. graphical user interface (GUI) for interactive prototyping
9. command line mode (batch mode) for automated large-scale applications
10. Java API (application programming interface) to ease usage of RapidMiner from your own programs
11. simple plugin and extension mechanisms, a broad variety of plugins already exists and you can easily add your own
12. powerful plotting facility offering a large set of sophisticated high-dimensional visualization techniques for data and models
13. more than 400 machine learning, evaluation, in- and output, pre- and post-processing, and visualization operators plus numerous meta optimization schemes
14. machine learning library WEKA fully integrated (WEKA web page)

RapidMiner was successfully applied on a wide range of applications where its rapid prototyping abilities demonstrated their usefulness, including text mining, multimedia mining, feature engineering, data stream mining and tracking drifting concepts, development of ensemble methods, and distributed data mining.

* Java

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, you can free download and get a free trial.

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