Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM)

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  • Date: Jul 26, 2011
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Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) Download
Free Download Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) 4.2

Finite Element Method Magnetics (FEMM) is a finite element package for solving 2D planar and axisymmetric problems in electrostatics and in low frequency magnetics.

The package is composed of an interactive shell encompassing graphical pre- and postprocessing; a mesh generator; and various solvers.

FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics) is a suite of programs for solving lowfrequency electromagnetic problems on two-dimensional planar and axisymmetric domains. The program currently addresses linear/nonlinear magnetostatic problems, linear/nonlinear time harmonic magnetic problems, linear electrostatic problems, and steady-state heat flow problems.

FEMM is divided into three parts:
1. Interactive shell (femm.exe). This program is a Multiple Document Interface pre-processor and a post-processor for the various types of problems solved by FEMM. It contains a CADlike interface for laying out the geometry of the problem to be solved and for defining material properties and boundary conditions. Autocad DXF files can be imported to facilitate the analysis of existing geometries. Field solutions can be displayed in the form of contour and density plots. The program also allows the user to inspect the field at arbitrary points, as well as evaluate a number of different integrals and plot various quantities of interest along user-defined contours.

2. triangle.exe. Triangle breaks down the solution region into a large number of triangles, a vital part of the finite element process. This program was written by Jonathan Shewchuk and is available from his Carnegie-Mellon Universityweb page at quake/triangle. or from Netlib.

3. Solvers (fkern.exe for magnetics; belasolv for electrostatics); hsolv for heat flow problems; and csolv for current flow problems.. Each solver takes a set of data files that describe problem and solves the relevant partial differential equations to obtain values for the desired field throughout the solution domain.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this graphing software.

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