File-versioning And Syncing Tool (FAST)

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  • Date: Feb 24, 2012
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File-versioning And Syncing Tool (FAST) Download
Free Download File-versioning And Syncing Tool (FAST) 2.0.1

File-versioning And Syncing Tool (FAST) is a software tool that allows users to sync folders of different locations and also creates versions of files of different modification time. File synchronization made easy.
File-versioning And Syncing Tool (FAST) is a program that allows the user to keep files and folders consistently in any two different and separate locations. For every file that is being updated, the software will keep a version of the previous file so that the user can always recover the files when necessary. With FAST, you will always have the most updated files in your computer and the other workstations with just a few simple clicks via an intermediary - hard disk. FAST is especially useful for non-technical personnel such as event planners who will need to constantly need to improvise or maintain their files and folders.

File-versioning And Syncing Tool would allow synchronization and backing up of files between two computers or laptop via an intermediary storage device, i.e. a hard disk.
During the synchronization process, users do not need to worry if their important files are accidentally removed by the sync tool should there be any human mistake or automated handling of conflicting files. This application will prompt the user for a decision to handle conflict files.

Even if user chooses to overwrite important files before, during or after the synchronization process, the application will already have an earlier version of those files saved automatically somewhere in the backup folder. With the 'Revert' button, we can replace the current file with an earlier version of the file.Most users would want to save several prototypes or versions of their project source files for future backups and editorial works. Lest the current project requires some last minute re-engineering works, they can revert earlier project file versions to their liking with the 'Revert' button.
Unlike other independent sync tool and file-versioning software that are now currently in the market, our software will provide a user-friendly interface for our target audience to synchronize files and perform file-versioning concurrently. This allows our target audiences to achieve an efficient way of synchronizing and versioning their files.

Current Features:
1. File-versioning:
Supports versioning of all files in a specified location. Files are backed-up in a series of versions i.e. file_v[0].txt, file_v[1].txt etc. User can choose to revert earlier file versions via a versioning form UI.
2. Two-way Synchronization:
Allows synchronization of files and folders between two locations at the same time.
3. Folder Pair:
Users can now save a template of the current synchronization state, including the specific conditions required to run synchronization on specific locations.
4. Folder Compare:
Highlights the differences between two locations (i.e. between two folders).
5. Tree-Like Display:
Displays files and folders in a tree-like structure.
6. Revert:
Users can replace the current file with an earlier version of the file.

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this file sync software.

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