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  • Version: 2.04
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  • Date: Nov 04, 2008
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    File Sync
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Easy2Sync - Freeware Edition Download
Free Download Easy2Sync - Freeware Edition 2.04

Easy2Sync allows you to synchronize two folders on the same computer, or across a network (for example to your Notebook). The synchronization can be started manually or by using the built-in scheduler. You can also initiate a quick synchronization from the tray icon and have it automatically synchronize every time you log off. Features include the option to delete abundant files and directories, creating of directories and more. The freeware version is limited to one folder. Very pretty butterfly interface, but limited functionality.

Any Data: Office files, mp3, images, movies and any other file type.
Any Version: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista. Any combination.
Any Time: Sync manually, time-based, on startup/shutdown/file-change, ....
Any Size: Unlimited folders / number of files.
Any Filter: Exclude by size, folder or file name.
Any Mode: Not only synchronization, but also backup, copy, move...
Any Place: Local drives, local network, USB-Devices and FTP-Servers.
ANYTHING! Notebook, Desktop, Laptop, Unicode filenames, Password protection, E-mail notification, Backup mode, Move mode, NTFS support (optional), FTP Sync, Renamed folder & DST change recognition, NT services.

Use Easy2Sync for Files to...
...synchronize your laptop: Simply take your data along, that's what your laptop was meant for. Work in your office, work outside. And let Easy2Sync for Files synchronize your files. Automatically. If you want to synchronize files, you found the right tool.
...use your project data in a team: Often, you're using the same files in a team, e.g. source code or office documents. But the team isn't sharing the same network. Synchronize the changes simply with Easy2Sync for files, e.g. via FTP servers or removable media.
...update your homepage: Subdirectories can help you organize your web server well, but they make it more difficult to upload all changes. No problem with Easy2Sync for Files. Simply synchronize your files with the FTP server and all changes will be recognized and transferred.
...create a rotating backup: Having a backup on your server is always nice, having 3 backups (or any other number, or based on the weekday) is just wonderful. And Easy2Sync for Files can synchronize the changed files automatically to your server.
...prepare a backup: Are your important files spread all over your entire hard disk? Have you been postponing burning an off-site backup CD because it's hard work to locate each of these crucial files? It's easy to configure Easy2Sync for Files to perform this task. And once you have set it up, with the click of a button you can create a backup of your important files. Easy2Sync collects the files from a dozen directories (filtering out big temporary files) and prepares one big directory tree, ready to burn.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file sync software.

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