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  • Date: Mar 02, 2009
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The file identifier software is a command line tool that permits identifying files as well as getting information on directories from their content (thereafter called a resource), and not simply from their file extensions (in the case of files). It currently supports DOS, Windows and Linux systems.
File identifier permits easy identification of different file formats. Furthermore it permits to extract metadata from some file formats. Furthermore, the identification part of the software relies on a text database that can easily be modified.
Currently identifies about 600 file formats, and extracts metadata from about 30 major file formats. Optionally the metadata can be saved to a database that is compatible with 4DOS/4NT Description files so that the metadata can be shown at command line. Among others, it extracts metadata from the following formats: PDF, PNG, OLE (DOC), RIFF (AVI, WAVE), IFF (AIFF, ILBM), EXE, SGML (HTML).
File identifier also automatically detects the following embedded metadata: XMP and ID3.
File identifier maps all extracted metadata to XMP schemas (including dublincore) for easy understanding. Extraction of metadata stored in multiple languages is also supported. This is the freeware version.
1. New Version 0.6.2 released, this version contains major bugfixes and adds support for OGG, FLAC, EBML and better MP3 file support.
2. Identified resources have their file extensions identified, as well as a descriptive comment indicating the type of resource.
3. Optionally, identified resources can be categorized and their MIME media types identified. This permits getting statistics on the types of files stored on the system.
4. Optionally, different methods for extracting metadata related to the resource are supplied, the currently supported methods are as follow:
5. Embedded metadata for certain file types (PDF, PNG, SGML/HTML, etc.)
6. Embedded XMP packet information support
7. 4DOS/4NT/4OS2 descript.ion file support
8. DEX (Description explorer) database support (compatible with descript.ion file)
9. Sidecar XMP file support
10. Portable application description (PAD) file support. The resource to be associated with the PAD file is extracted from within the PAD file.
11. The resource identifier database is a simple text file apparent to the UNIX magic file. It can be easily extended by end users.
12. Extraction of the metadata to a DEX (Description Explore software) database is also supported. This permits to use DEX database compatible tools to edit and view the metadata.
13. Create HTML or SFV compatible reports of the files that were analyzed
14. Create CSV reports (Professional version only - contact us to get access to this feature)

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file compare software.

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