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  • Date: Mar 05, 2011
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FCompare is a tiny file equality checking utility. A file equality checking tool. Its purpose is simply to determine if two files are identical.
It does this by comparing the bytes of each file until a difference is encountered. FCompare is designed as a graphical user interface application, but automated command-line execution is also supported.

FCompare supports many graphical ways to specify the files you want to compare:
1.Use the File menu or click the Browse button next to the textbox to manually browse for and select a file.
2.Pass file paths as command-line arguments when executing FCompare. This can also be achieved graphically by dragging and dropping files onto the program's executable file (or a shortcut to the executable).
3.Drag and Drop files onto the program's main window:
* The first single file dropped will populate the textbox for File 1.
* Successive single files dropped will populate the textbox for File 2.
* If two or more files are dropped, the first and second files will be used respectively. (Additional files will of course be ignored)

Command Line Execution:
FCompare.exe [[/cmd [/err]] "File1" "File2"]
FCompare.exe [[/doc | /?]

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this file compare software.

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