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  • Date: Feb 18, 2011
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EduPioneer Download
Free Download EduPioneer 1.6.3

EeuPioneer is a versatile software that contains word processing and graphics processing. We like to call it EP. If you often write science and engineering papers and technical articles, such as papers, teaching plans, test papers, it is a good assistant for you.
EduPioneer (EP) is famous for its generalized design and editing mode of WYSIWYG. You can process technical and non-technical written materials and pattern materials easily with it. It is a professional scientific and technical typesetting software. It is designed for people who work in the first-line of science and technology.You can not only input math formulas, chemical formulas and other complex technical text and symbols by the keyboard, but also draw various geometric graphics, chemical experimental devices, mechanics, electronics and optics and other physical graphics, even some complex mechanicals, construction engineering design drawings. It is one of the super software with international leading technology in modern information society. It has a good prospect of need and application in education, research, printing, industry and many other fields.

EduPioneer Features:
1. Input and process math formula directly.
2. Table fuction.
3. Powerful drawing function.
4. Reuse mechanism of dynamic resource.
5. Category storage and management function.
6. Frame-based document structure.

How to Input Text
You may don't need to learn specially about contents of inputting text and text objects. If you used MS-Word before, then in EP, you can operate by the similar method. EduPioneer is a word process sofaware which based on stream of text and text objects( such as formulas). It has the function of inputting formulas.

Draw Graphics
EduPioneer provides rich drawing fucntions. It needs some time to master all of them. You may learn step by step. This is an elementary course, here, we take an simple example to help you to experience drawing method in EP.

Using the Resource
EduPioneer provides a set of tools and method of resource's production, save, management and reuse. The resource contains text resource and graphics resource. The text resource can be inserted into text stream in documents, and the graphics resource can be inserted into graphics containers.

* Some features are disabled

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $135.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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