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  • Date: Jun 11, 2011
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Launch your files with this tool. DeskBug is a handy, very easy to use file launcher designed with a minimal screen presence. DeskBug is a file launcher with minimal screen presence. In simple terms it's a moveable screen graphic with a menu attached. Files can be executive, document, graphic, links etc. You can for example drop links from your favourites list or add a web page reference so that your browser opens with a particular site or you can add image files to open in your default viewer. Programs can be opened by adding either the exe file or a link file. You can set up multiple links to run at the same time.

Setting up DeskBug is as simple as it gets. Set a screen graphic, add files to the menu, create a startup link and forget it!

The screen graphic can be moved with your mouse and the menu is accessed with your right mouse button. The graphic can be as small as a few pixels and placed anywhere on the screen. Icon files are ideal but it will accept a variety of formats. DeskBug can be so non-intrusive it can be placed anywhere on the screen that is convenient.

DeskBug menu data is held in an associated INI file with the same name as the exe file. If you want to run more than one copy of DeskBug, eg for specific file types, you must run each from a different folder or if from the same folder, rename copies of deskbug.exe so that they save to different INI files.

Use ESC to close an open program. Double click the screen graphic to open the support form. There you can set menu items and screen graphic. Files can be dropped on the form or selected. The link must have a menu entry name before saving/updating or deleting. Double click on a Menu Item to view link details. If you want to run multiple links, drag a link from the menu items list to the 'Links to run at the same time' box.

Files can also be dropped on the screen graphic which will open the support form.

Please Note: this software can run Windows XP only, it can't work under Windows 7.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this shutdown software.

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