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  • Date: Aug 03, 2010
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CryptoSticky Download
Free Download CryptoSticky 2.0

CryptoSticky is an easy to use memo application, a computerized version of the yellow paper stickies. It is designed to help you organize memos, notes, prompt you with reminders, record voice, accept drawings, and keep memo information secret via encryption.

CryptoSticky Features:
1. One Click memo creation
2. Network Memo
3. Configurable memo colors
4. User settable fonts
5. State of the art Encryption
6. Auto hide on start
7. Spell Checker
8. Per Memo alarm
9. Transparency effects
10. Easy calendar selectable alarm
11. Convenient (one hand) hot keys
12. State of the art encryption
13. Memos remember their positions
14. Set to now + 1 feature for alarm testing
15. Controls for Alarm sound and beep
16. Memo 'Auto Arrange' capability

CryptoSticky can record voice memos on a per sticky basis. Every sticky can have its own voice memo. The voice memo can be edited with the built in sound editor, refining its contents, discarding unwanted portions of the recording. One can also doodle into every sticky, which is especially useful for taking quick notes, jotting down something without much effort. It comes in really handy with tablet PCs. Drawing on napkins to communicate ideas is in the remote past.

CryptoSticky can be used as a network messaging system. Multiple users can share memos, and the memos can be broadcast to appear on computers connected to the local network. This is a handy feature to propagate memos between Laptop and Desktop computer.

CryptoStickys spell checker is state of the art, with customizable dictionary, and a huge suggestion list, which delivers suggestions even if one right clicks on a correctly spelled word. The spell checker in CryptoSticky has a large dictionary, and it is comparable to programs costing an order of magnitude more.

Main Panel:
1. Red Memo to signify importance
2. Calendar settable alarm
3. Gentle but persistent alarm cycle
4. Window 'on top' feature
5. Speaker and Beep for failsafe sound
6. Per Memo Alarm
7. Configurable alarm sounds (wav files)
8. Hierarchical list of Stickies
9. Auto sizing Sticky
10. Trash system for easy recovery
11. One button clipboard memo copy/paste
12. Auto sizing Sticky
13. Auto-start, Auto-hide, Auto-show features
14. Windows remember their positions
15. Cool looking Transparency
16. Auto transparency timeout
17. 12/ 24 hour time format simultaneously
18. Red Sticky checkbox for important alarms
19. Standard clipboard operations
20. Hot keys conforming to exising standards

Colored Sticky:
1. User configurable Memo Colors
2. User settable Memo Transparency levels
3. Easy activation of individual Sticky
4. Convenient system tray icon
5. Topmost setting for always visible Sticky
6. Beep frequency and duration settings
7. Easy Alarm Feature
8. Convenient system tray icon
9. Screen tips for most items
10. Beep frequency and duration settings
11. Red memo option to signify importance
12. Independent beep and speaker controls
13. Easy to read and navigate calendar
14. Alt equivalents of standard hot keys
15. Per memo colors and font settings
16. Easy revert to default buttons
17. Adjustable timeouts

Colored alarm dialog:
1. User configurable Alarm Colors
2. Missed alarm reports
3. Easy dismissal of individual alarm instances
4. User settable Alarm Sounds
5. Show next alarm feature

Edit dialog with calendar:
1. Easy calendar selectable alarm
2. Convenient (one hand) hot keys
3. Set to now + 1 minute feature for alarm testing
4. Day and week alarm settings in advance
5. Controls for alarm sound and beep
6. Red memo checkbox for important alarms
7. Standard clipboard operations
8. Hot keys conforming to standards
9. Persistent 'on top' memo option
10. Set to now for easy alarm testing
11. Date ahead an week ahead buttons
12. Clear visual on actual alarm date/time
13. Red memo option to signify importance
14. Independent beep and speaker controls
15. Easy to read an navigate calendar
16. Alt equivalent of standard hot keys
17. Intuitive sound editing
18. Alarms can be silenced before the first sound
19. Convenient sound play icon on Sticky's header
20. Per Sticky colors and fonts
21. Easy to try, good value to buy

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $39.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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