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  • Date: Mar 19, 2010
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Comfort Paste is a template manager you can use to quickly paste frequently used text fragments or images.

Why do you particularly need Comfort Paste?
Despite the visible simplicity of the interface, Comfort Paste has powerful features that will help to forget about the routine of your work and speed it up.

Comfort Paste will allow you to quickly complete the following tasks:
1. Paste frequently used phrases, signatures, smiles, addresses, greetings, passwords, etc.
2. Create all kinds of messages and documents using templates.
3. Paste images from a predefined list.
4. Paste regularly repeated fragments while programming: HTML, SQL, Pascal, etc.

You can use the template manager to configure and quickly paste frequently used text fragments or images: phrases, signatures, smiles, addresses, greetings, passwords, etc.

How does Templates Manager work?

Every template has a name and the manager searches the template database for it. Just type the name of the template or only its beginning and press Win+Space (by default).

There are three types of templates:
1. Plain text. It is used for text without formatting. You can add various macros to templates of this type: keystrokes, tags for inserting random text from a predefined list, etc.
2. RTF (Rich Text Format). It is used for formatted text in MS Word, OpenOffice, MS WordPad, etc. If the application you are trying to paste the text in does not support formatting, plain text is pasted.
3. Picture. It is used to paste images. Images are not stored in the template database. The database stores only the path to the file where the image is stored so be careful when you move template files to another computer.

To add, edit or remove a template, click the Settings button in the template manager window. See the Editing templates section for more details about configuring templates.

Tips and tricks
1. You can add a set of standard templates to your template file. To add or remove a set of standard templates, open the Options dialog box and select the Templates item.
2. You can resize the Templates Manager window.
3. The window is automatically located next to the caret on the screen (if there is no caret, it is located in the center of the screen).
4. To use one set of templates in workgroups, save the file with this set of templates to a network resource and configure it to be used on each workstation.

Comfort Paste includes a mechanism for quick and comfortable template configuration.
It is easy to use Comfort Paste in workgroups. To do it, just save the template file to a network resource and configure it to be used on every workstation.

It is completely compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 2000.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19.95, you can free download and get a free trial.

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