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  • Date: Jan 09, 2012
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ClipboardMultiSharer Download
Free Download ClipboardMultiSharer 1.1.3

A file sharing utility. ClipboardMultiSharer is a lightweight utility designed to help you share the clipboards across multiple computers in a network. The application does not require firewall configuration, or an installation, you just point to a shared folder.

ClipboardMultiSharer Features:
1. Easy to set up, no installation no firewall configuration.
2. Shares the same security settings as file sharing, because it's essentially a low-tech solution
3. Quite reliable due to low-tech nature
4. Works with multiple computers across multiple platforms
5. Only text data supported
6. Open-source

There is now a Java version ClipboardMShareJ and a C# based version ClipboardMShare.

For your modern Windows machine you probably want ClipboardMShare to avoid installing a Java run-time. ClipboardMShare needs .NET 2.0+ run-time to work with. In all likelihood you've a higher version anyway. Try running it before attempting any .NET install.

For any non-Windows box, you can use ClipboardMShareJ . You'll need Java run-time 1.5 or higher. It runs best with Java 1.6.

If you have a legacy Windows such as Windows 2000 or Win 9x you may get ClipboardMShareJ running with the corresponding Java run-time.

How to install:
1. With ClipboardMShare, you just need to download it to a folder you create, say, "c:\action\ClipboardMShare", and put the .exe file there, and run it (double click it).See usage below.

2. With ClipboardMShareJ, you'll need to unzip the contents of the file to a folder you create, say "c:\action\ClipboardMShareJ", or your home folder in Linux, say, "~username\ClipboardMShareJ", and run the contained ClipboardMShareJ.jar. Depending on the particular operating system you have, this can be as easy as double-clicking on ClipboardMShareJ.jar in a file browser, or you'll need a terminal, change the current directory to where you've unzipped the package and then type:
java -jar "ClipboardMShareJ.jar"

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this clipboard software.

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