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  • Date: Jul 07, 2011
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ClipMagic Lite is the Free edition for ClipMagic, an information manager and clipboard extender. By capturing items copied to the clipboard, pieces of information can be stored in categories with information about the application it came from and if it came from the web, the URL of the website. 'Clips' can then be saved, edited, copied and printed, and the URL of any web clips can be launched in your browser, or the internal ClipMagic browser, to get back to the original page. Just pressing CTRL-C, or selecting Edit/Copy in any application is all that you have to do. The selected text, files or image is stored in ClipMagic for later use. Stored clips can be copied back to the clipboard and the latest clips can be accessed easily from the system tray. Rules provide automatic categorisation, so that you can have clips containing keywords or coming from specific applications or websites saved straight into the folder of your choice. You can even tell ClipMagic to ignore certain clips, paste them into a specific window, find and replace text within the clip or to ask for comments about a clip at the time it is copied. You can add your comments to clips at any time, and text and file clips can be modified from within ClipMagic.

If you have got as far as to see this help file then you must have successfully installed ClipMagic. To get started with ClipMagic, all you need to do is run it. Once it is running it will capture any text, rich text, file or image selections that you copy to the clipboard.

Try highlighting some text from this help page and then just hit CTRL-C. Now take a look at ClipMagic, you will find a new entry in the default folder. If you haven't changed anything yet, the default folder is called ClipMagic and is shown by an open book icon.

You should see the text that you highlighted in the bottom pane and some information about it in the top view. By default, the name of the item is the first 200 characters of the item clipped, or in the case of an image, it will be named 'Image AxB' where A and B represent the dimensions of the image. You should also see the size of the clip, the date and time it was created, the name of the window it came from, the type of clip (in this case 'Text' or 'RTF' for Rich Text Format) and the URL. In this case there will be no URL, but if you copied some text from your web browser you will see the URL of the page that you copied the text from.

You can edit the text if you want to - just go ahead and start typing in the bottom pane with the text. When you click away from the text pane the changes will be saved instantly, or you can press the save button. As you would expect you have the usual cut, copy, paste and undo functions available in the editor, and you can select which font and style to use by clicking on the font button on the toolbar, or by choosing Edit/Font. The Editor has it's own toolbar with buttons to access the most common editing functions.

It is also possible to add comments by selecting the comments tab. Just type any comments you want to make about this clip.

By default you can edit all the information about this clip by double clicking its entry in the top pane. A dialog box will be displayed with its details and you can make changes to the name, the window title and the URL. If you add a URL you will be able to launch this URL as you would if the clip came from a web page. For items that you may want to use frequently you can set up a hot key and can even have the item sent straight into the active application.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this clipboard software.

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