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  • Date: Apr 05, 2014
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CdCat Download
Free Download CdCat 2.3.1

CdCat is graphical (QT based) multiplatform (Linux/Windows/MacOS) catalog program which scans the directories/drives you want and memoryze the filesystem (including the tags of mp3's) and store it in a small file. The used license is GPL. The database is stored in a gzipped XML format, so you can hack it, or use it if necessary.
Cdcat can store the content of some specified files up to a size limit if you want. (for example: *.nfo)

CdCat Features:
1. Searching with regex or wildcards
2. Unsharp search
3. Full unicode support
4. Read mp3 tags (if you enable it)
5. Category support
6. Autoload database on startup
7. Display progress at scan
8. Can mount/umount/eject the cd-drive on Linux
9. Read file content from the specified files (e.g: *.nfo)
10. Platform indepentent Gzipped XML format.
11. Progress at loading catalog (useful at big size)
12. Possibility to add comment for files or directories

Searching with regex or wildcards:
1. file name
2. directory name
3. media name
4. comment
5. content
6. mp3 tags (artist, title, album, year)
7. start date
8. end date
9. min file size
10. max file size

Import from other catalog programs:
1. gtktalog (CSV, XML classical)
2. KatDeCe (CSV)
3. Disclib (CSV)
4. VisualCD (CSV)
5. Virtual Volumes View (CSV)
6. Advanced File Organizer
7. Advanced Disk Catalog (CSV)
8. File Archivist
9. WhereIsIt? (CSV, XML)

1. CSV
3. XML

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this cd utility software.

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