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  • Date: Sep 09, 2014
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AllOff Lite monitors the mouse, keyboard and CPU load and initiates computer power off if there has been no keyboard or mouse activity for 900 seconds and the average CPU load has been below 15% for 60 seconds. The program can be configured via the installer to disable either CPU load detection or Keyboard/Mouse detection. It can be started manually, on startup or automatically via the Windows Task Scheduler. Shutdown has been configured to force all running applications to close. AllOff is part of the JSutils group of software utilities which have a theme of energy conservation. The program normally runs in the System Tray. Requires a registration code (free for personal non commercial use).

Installation is simple just unzip the installer AllOffL.exe from the downloaded file, double click on the installer and follow the on screen instructions (when selected, shortcuts are installed for all users). As well as installing the program this will also install the help pages. Start the program and enter the registration code to start using AllOff Lite. AllOff Lite supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows Vista. The program needs administrator privileges to install.
By default both CPU load and Keyboard/Mouse detection are enabled however during installation you are given the option to disable either, in this case the relevant function will not be displayed.
AllOff Lite operates by checking for keyboard and mouse activity plus the CPU load once a second. Each time there is activity the countdown timer is reset until the countdown time is reached and power off is initiated. Each time a key is pressed or the mouse is moved the activity will be displayed on the left of the main screen (when visible) with a 'K' indicating key presses and an 'M' indicating mouse movement. The average CPU load is also displayed.
AllOff Lite runs in the System Tray (the program can be made visible by double clicking on the tray icon). Once power off is initiated AllOff Lite switches to visible 'run on top' and the About, Exit and Test buttons are disabled. power off can be cancelled by clicking the Cancel button which will put the program back in the System Tray unless the program was already visible. Program operation is inhibited while the About screen is open, this screen will automatically time out after 30 seconds if left open.
CPU averaging works by adding the CPU load measured every second over an averaging period of 5 seconds and dividing it by the averaging period. This does mean that the average load can increase after the instantaneous CPU load has decreased due to previous values. This is especially noticeable with wide variations in CPU load. If the time the program has been active is less than the averaging period the time active is used as the averaging period.
Click on the Test button to enable Test Mode which reduces keyboard, mouse and cpu monitoring periods to 5 seconds and puts up a pop up rather than powering off the computer. Clicking the Test button while in Test Mode will reinitialise Test Mode. Click the Reset button to exit Test Mode or to reset the program in operational mode.
The program consumes very little system resources but it does run with a high priority. Power off has been configured to force all running applications to close. For information about the log file see Log File. It is only possible to run one instance of AllOff Lite at a time. If AllOff Lite is in power off mode when an attempt to start a second instance occurs the error message will open beneath the first program window which will take priority.
If you have a problem with this program, have any suggestions for improvement or have a novel use for it then let us know. Before reporting a problem always check the FAQ, Release Notes and Known Issues.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this shutdown software.

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