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ActiveExit enables you to control Windows shutdown behavior. You can automatically run a program before shutting down the computer, require a password to shutdown Windows and automatically log off users or shut down the computer after a period of inactivity, using the built-in ActiveExit screen saver. In addition, the program offers quick access to logoff, restart, shutdown, and other commands from the system tray icon.

Attention System Administrators:
Do users of your network forget to log off before leaving? ActiveExit can help: you can use it to automatically logoff the users from their accounts after a period of inactivity. Even if the user has locked the computer, ActiveExit can shutdown or restart the computer after the idle period you specify, without your intervention. And if no user has logged on to Windows for some time, ActiveExit can shut down or hibernate the computer automatically, to conserve the energy.

Attention Parents:
Do your kids spend way too much time playing games or chatting with buddies using your computer? ActiveExit can help: you can use it to set up a schedule of the allowed hours for your children to use the computer during the week. For example, you can specify that the computer can be used only on Monday - Thursday from 3 p.m. till 4 p.m., and on Friday - Saturday from 3 p.m. till 5 p.m. (You can set up different hours as well, this is just an example). After that, if your kid attempts to login to Windows when the allowed time has not started yet, ActiveExit will not allow him or her to log on to Windows.

Attention Computer Professionals:
Did you ever want there was a way to run your backup program automatically at the end of your workday? ActiveExit can help: you can configure it to run a program of your choice (such as the backup program) every time when you shutdown the computer. ActiveExit will save you time, too, by giving you quick access to the Windows exit commands though a taskbar icon, or by letting you assign the default actions to be taken when you press the Logoff or Shut Down buttons.

ActiveExit is a set of tools that let you control various aspects of Windows exit. With ActiveExit you can:
* Select the timeout period for user inactivity, after which the user should be logged off from Windows, or the computer should be restarted, hibernated, or shut down (the choice is yours). You can specify a regular screensaver to be displayed for some time, too, before ending the user's session. The computer can be restarted or shut down even if the user has locked the computer, or if no user is logged on to Windows at all. Unlike the WINEXIT utility, that comes with the Windows NT Resource Kit and lets you log off the user automatically, ActiveExit offers you much more flexibility, many more options, and does not require special permission configuration like WINEXIT does.
* Set up the allowed hours schedule and force the users out of the computer during the denied hours. You probably know that you Windows XP lets you set up the allowed login hours for the users, but once logged on, there is no way to end user's session when the allowed hours end ActiveExit solves this limitation by monitoring using the schedule you set up to forcefully logoff the user when the allowed hours end. Of course, you can select a custom message to be displayed to the user warning him or her about the approaching end, and you can specify a grace period for the user to save his or her documents before the ActiveExit will end his or her session.
* Set up a program to run automatically before exiting Windows. You know about the Startup folder on Windows Start Menu: if you place a shortcut to a program there, it will run automatically every time you start Windows. That's good, but what about running a program before exiting Windows For example, to run the backup program at the end of the day, to backup the work you've done. Windows cannot do that, but ActiveExit can: you can specify any program or a batch file to run automatically before you logoff or shutdown the computer.
* Protect Windows exit with a password to prevent users from logging off or shutting down the computer unnecessarily. If your office has a "kiosk" type of a computer that shows presentations all day long, you can use this feature of ActiveExit to protect the computer against irresponsible people who logoff or shutdown the computer unnecessarily, just for the fun of it.
* Save time and mouse clicks by configuring ActiveExit to display a taskbar icon for quick access to the logoff, shutdown, and other such commands. Or, if you find it annoying that every time you press the Shut Down button Windows asks you to select Shut Down once again, you can configure ActiveExit to carry on the Shut Down command right away, without asking you the second time.
* Customize messages displayed to the users, with or without the countdown bars that show the number of seconds remaining before the default action will be taken.

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