AWS Video Screen Record HDTV

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  • Date: Sep 18, 2010
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AWS Video Screen Record HDTV Download
Free Download AWS Video Screen Record HDTV 2.33.28

AWS Video Screen Record HDTV is the program which allows to record all what is happening on the screen to the file which can be viewed on any computer. Capture screen video in HD with high FPS.

The program is created with the video codec format AWSVSR allowing to crunch computer business images. Now you can crunch a full-color courseware with a minimum size and without loss of quality.
The video now is playing in a player with minimal load on processor and using a very little memory unlike other similar programs. The video is shown without DirectX and OpenGL what allows to use the video lessons on almost any computer including the workplace.

Video codec features:
1. The highest image quality (lossless compression of information)
2. Low load on processor for compression and video playback
3. Low memory requirements for compression and video playback
4. Very strong compression of business images. The compression ratio is higher than many video codec. The video compression is without loss of information in distinction from other codecs
5. DirectX and OpenGL are not use (use only DirectSound for sound record)

Excellent decision
1. Training video creation (video tutorial)
2. Records of user actions (staff)
3. Use in medicine where you need the images without loss of quality
4. Use at work for removal of the pictures from large monitors A wide range of removal of the images from 1 frame per 10 seconds to 25 frames per second. This allows you to configure flexibly the video logs of the operators in the production process
5. For home, for a quickly video record of the actions on the screen and for sending this file by email. The small size of the video file AWSVSR allows you to send it even by e-mail

AWS Video Screen Record HDTV difference from other programs
1. Setup easiness
2. Minimum computer requirements
3. Wide range of shooting of the number of frames per second
4. Ability to record sound or add it later
5. Export on the EXE file of very small size will allow the sending of a 20-minute training film by email
6. Low memory use and CPU time for record and even fewer requirements for playing
7. Video driver, support services are not used
8. Exterior programs and DLL (except lame_enc.dll to encode sound to MP3) are not used
9. OpenGL and DirectX are not used
10. Net is not used
11. Multilingual capability (the user possibility to locate the program under any language)

* Logo image in film

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $26.42, you can free download and get a free trial.

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