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eDiveSoftware is a custom built software program for scuba divers and instructors. Here at eDiveSoftware we are regular divers ourselves and have put together what we felt was needed in the diving industry to assist in logging and planning dives as well as keeping all sorts of other information.

eDiveSoftware was built by divers for divers and in conjunction with some of the most influential dive organisations as well as 'Joe Public' we hope to fulfil the needs of both the commercial business of divers and divers themselves. eDiveSoftware aims to provide all dive centres and dive professionals world-wide a system to plan and log all their divers in a quick, easy and systematic way.

eDiveSoftware Features:
1. Totally free to try for 30 uses. No registration needed.
2. Built by active British divers for divers
3. Ships with US Navy Dive Tables but the Gold version allows you to import your own
4. Works with both metric and imperial data
5. Easy and reliable management of dive data
6. Easy navigation WITHOUT multiple nested windows
7. Latest updates to subscribing members
8. Easy, secure installation and online ordering via PayPal
9. Flexible and future-proof
10. Unlimited divers, dive sites, equipment and dives*
11. Add your own photos to the customisable main screen (if you don't like ours)

1. No messing with paper logbooks
2. Add links to videos, photos, dive maps etc...
3. Detailed diver information including contact details, medical and insurance
4. Attach dive computer data to your log
5. Automated formatting and easy printing of logs of your diving experience
6. Management suite including diver data, dive sites and equipment
7. Attach images and videos of your dives

Diver Centres and Instructors:
1. Unlimited diver profiles
2. Individual and course dive logging
3. Course management
4. Unlimited dive agency set-up
5. Easy course configuration
6. Equipment rosters
7. Manage staff and customer equipment
8. Add your company logo to the main screen photos creating a business driven profile

There are two different types of menus in operation within eDiveSoftware. The first is the typical windows style menu sections along the top taskbar in the main window. These are made available by firstly clicking on the main menu item which then drops down a list containing a number of different sections. The second type of menu is the main button style menu down the left-hand side of the main window. These buttons reflect the same functions as per the previously mentioned menus and open the same screens.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is GBP 20.00, you can free download and get a free trial.

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