Win7 Start Orb Loader

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  • Date: Aug 30, 2010
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Win7 Start Orb Loader Download
Free Download Win7 Start Orb Loader 1.1.1

Win7 Start Orb Loader can change your start orb fast and easy, help you change your start button with just a few clicks.

Win7 Start Orb Loader Features:
1. Change your start orb WITHOUT changing explorer.exe. If explorer.exe is corrupted, you see more UAC prompts popping up when using Windows Explorer. If you can't stand UAC prompts anymore but you still want to turn UAC feature on for security, this program is the choice :-).

2. Choose different start orb for each user. If you once check 'Enable start orb loader' option (which requires administrative rights), every user (including standard users) can choose his/her own start orb with this program. See usage section for details.

3. DPI-aware. Windows explorer has 4 start orbs with different sizes depending on DPI. You can customize your start orb that fits your current DPI. See usage section for details.

Install Guide
Run the loader (w7soldr.exe in the zip, and you can rename it as you want), check 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader' and press 'Save changes' button. Read usage section for details.

Uninstall Guide
Run the loader, uncheck 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader', uncheck 'Options' > 'Shell integration' and press 'Save changes' button. This will restore all changes done to your system. Delete the loader then you're done.

Summary of Usage
1. Extract w7soldr.exe and run w7soldr.exe.

2. Check 'Options' > 'Enable start orb loader'. This sets up some basic things to change start orb.

3. Press 'Browse' button to choose the location that contains start orbs you want to use. Available start orbs on the location will show up in the box below the browse button. If you already have set your start orb, it will be displayed as an icon labed 'User default'. Available start orbs are uncompressed 32-bit bitmaps with ARGB channels whose dimension is 54*162 when 100% DPI 125%, 66*198 when 125% DPI 150%, 81*243 when 150% DPI 200%, 106*318 when 200% DPI.

4. Choose a start orb you want to use. You can review your choice in 'View your start orb' section. Click the label named 'Aero view' to see the orb on an aero-transparent window, which behaves like the real start orb. You can click on the empty space on the box to use system default orb. Whatever your choice is, it is always shown in 'View your start orb' section.

5. Press 'Save changes' button to save changes. Your changes will take effect on next logon. Press 'Cancel' button to cancel. Note that any changes in 'Options' section require administrative rights.

* Checking 'Options' > 'Shell integration' appends a menu item labed 'Start orb' on the context menu of desktop background.

1. 'Start orb' item on the context menu behaves like a shortcut to this program. If you (re)move the program, it will not work. In this case, run the program, uncheck 'Shell integration' option, press 'Save changes', run the program again, check 'Shell integration' option and press 'Save changes'. Then the menu item will work.

Please Note: this program is free for non-commercial use only.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this desktop utility software.

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