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  • Date: Feb 13, 2010
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Win7 FTP Client Download
Free Download Win7 FTP Client

The purpose of this Win7 FTP Client is to create a fully functional FTP application that accomplishes most of the tasks professional FTP programs accomplish. The are two builds of this application:

1.Windows 7-specific build: There is nothing different except that this application uses the Windows 7 features.
2.All Windows systems-build: This build will work on most Windows systems (e.g.: XP/Vista). There is nothing different in this build, except that this build lacks Windows 7 features.

What is so special about the Windows 7-specific build
As you all know, with Windows 7 was introduced some of the coolest libraries we have ever seen in the Windows API history. Well, to most developers, it is the coolest Microsoft has created for us. Usually, we have to do a lot ourselves, but the Windows API Code Pack does most of the things for us.

So I decided to use some of those features in this application. You will find the following features:
1.The Aero Window: The Login form, Download form, and the Upload form use the Aero feature, which makes the form transparent.
2.TaskBar: When download/upload progress changes, you can see the change in the taskbar.
3.CommonOpenFile dialog: This is an advanced Open File dialog which has many new features and can also act as a FolderBrowse dialog.
4.Command Link: I just added this to make the UI look good. It does nothing more than a button, however, it does look more professional.
5.TaskDialog: This is displayed after a download has completed. It displays two options: Open File and Open Folder containing the file.

* NET Framework

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this ftp software.

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