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  • Date: Jun 16, 2011
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Vypress Chat is designed for office and home networks. Vypress Chat is a real-time chat to for home network and small office use. It works with both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network protocols. IP Multicast protocol support is also available, allowing Vypress Chat to operate over WANs or in complex routed network environments.

After several years of experience working in the intranet instant messaging market, we discovered that many office and home networks operate without centralized administration. We made Vypress Chat especially for these networks. It is fully self-configurable, works with both TCP/IP and IPX/SPX network protocols and doesn't depend on a dedicated server.

Vypress Chat requires no post-setup steps to operate and immediately offers an online user list (list of people who have Vypress Chat running in your office network) as well as their availability status ("I'm busy", "Out of office", "On the call", etc).
All conversations can be logged into a XML file and easily integrated into the business workflow.
With Vypress Chat no data can be sent outside of your office network, so, it is completely confidential.
Vypress Chat is a flexible, integrated solution expressly designed for fast, trouble-free installation and operation.

Main features of Vypress Chat:
* Vypress Chat is real-time chat software for easy conversations between several people in virtual chat rooms (channels). Built-in instant messaging, files transfer and private chats are also included.
* Clean, straightforward user interface, oriented for novice users and easy-to-understand for advanced chat users. Users can work with Vypress Chat immediately after installation. There is no need to make configuration changes or enter any information about your network. Advanced users can easily find all they want within the chat software.
* Easy to use, full featured bulletin board
Vypress Chat includes powerful, fully packed but easy to use bulletin board. It allows every user to post important news, pictures and drawings and other durable information that will be immediately available to all other Chat users on your network. Now you may save money and desktop space from traditional yellow stickers and centralize all workflow news in one handy place.
* Handy presence and "out of office" indication Users can see all other users in their network who have Vypress Chat running. Four user statuses are listed: Available, DND, Away, and Offline. Vypress Chat automatically tracks user activity and switches into "Away" mode after a specified period of inactivity or when a screen saver starts and display specified auto response message.
Since version 2.0, Vypress Chat also shows neat "User is typing " indicator in user-to-user message window
* No Internet connection and no server required! Incredible, but the feature-packed Vypress Chat does not require a dedicated server or any sort of Internet connection! So, you may start saving money and enforce your office security just by cutting Internet-based messengers from your office network and moving to this Chat.
Vypress Chat optimized for local networks and uses all advantages of such target: with well-toughed hybrid architecture that combining IP Multicast and direct TCP connections our software offers reliable, fast and fail safe private instant messaging and chatting solution for business needs. DHCP-based, peer-to-peer Windows AutoNetworking, IPv6 and even legacy networks with IPX/SPX protocol - every type of networks is supported automatically!
* Completely secure, private and authoritative collaboration
Behind of user friendly and intuitive interface, Vypress Chat strengthen with modern, proven, industry standard data encryption and digital signatures. All Vypress Chat network packets are signed with RSA-based digital signatures to ensure authoritative source for all chats. Since version 2.0, peer-to-peer messages transferring over a network encrypted in the way similar to one that safe Internet servers use (SSL or TLS). Finishing with local network restricted working area to establish fully secure and trustworthy electronic communications solution.
* Full-featured logging and archiving. Vypress Chat can automatically save any (or all) channels and private messages into a journal file, keeping logs of private chats and incoming/outgoing messages. These features allow you to discuss actual business topics without fear of forgetting important subjects of conversation. Vypress Chat uses standard, easy to syndicate XML format for journal files. So, if your company rules or industry regulations directing you to store all electronic communication you may easily integrate Chat journals into any sort of archiving or workflow system with standard XML-technologies, such as Microsoft BizTalk or XSLT.
* Graphical emoticons.Sometimes, one image costs thousands words, so we've added nice looking graphical emoticons (smiles) for easier spirits sharing and digital wellness spreading across your company.
* Easy deployment and support. Again, Vypress Chat does not require any special configuration. Users can begin using Vypress Chat immediately after installation. The setup utility automatically chooses the best available protocol and configures the software for you (silent setup mode also available). If you have any questions, VyPRESS Support Team Engineers are happy to help you in a timely manner, so you never will be left alone if troubleshooting issues arise.

The license of this software is Free Trial Software, the price is $19, you can free download and get a free trial.

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