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    LAN Messenger
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Intercom provides person-to-person conversations using PCs and an existing local area network. It uses Voice Over IP technologies within the form of the simplest and most intuitive machine based conversation model that exits, an intercom. Person-to-person conversations using PCs and an existing local area network.
Installation is simplified if Microsoft Networking is supported on the LAN since this allows for the automatic creation of the "address book" used by each node.

The configuration utility makes it easy to create the two network based files used by the Intercom application. First is the UDP port number. The default configuration is to use UDP ports 3000 and 3001. Normally this does not need to be modified. However, if this conflicts with something else on the network simply change the "RTP Port Number" field to any even port number.

The second is the address book used by the Intercom application to allow the user to select who to connect. The utility creates an address book based on the computers connected using Microsoft Windows Network. If you are not using Microsoft Networking you will need to create the address book manually. Appendix A provides details on the address book's content and format.

* .NET Framework
* A sound card with speakers and a microphone or even better a headset.
* A local area network connection that includes UDP/IP.
* A local area network (wired or wireless) that supports UDP/IP.

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this lan messenger software.

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