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  • Date: Jan 02, 2010
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Vista MIDI Tool Download
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A utility to set the default MIDI output device under Windows Vista. It can be used to change the default MIDI output device.

Vista's sound subsystem has changed. Whilst this is generally a good thing, some things are noticably missing, such as - at least, in my sound card's case - hardware MIDI support.

In fact, the MIDI support is still be there, but unlike on XP where the MIDI output device could be picked from the control panel Vista doesn't appear to provide such an option.

Does it work?
Under previous versions of Windows, device 0 would be the MIDI mapper. Thus, a program could use MIDI device 0, and the mapper would pick which MIDI output device to send your output to.

Under Vista (at least on my machine) there is no MIDI mapper and so the software MIDI synth appears as device 0. Therefore an app using device 0 will still use the software synth. If it uses the default device (-1) it should end up using whichever device you selected using this tool.

On Vista a number of games that use MIDI (Doomsday Engine, Chocolate DOOM) produce no sound at all for me at time of writing, regardless of setting.

* NET Framework 2.0

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this audio utility software.

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