VH Screen Capture Driver

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  • Date: Dec 06, 2011
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VH Screen Capture Driver Download
Free Download VH Screen Capture Driver

"VH Screen Capture Driver" is a DirectShow filter, which emulates Video Capture card and captures screen activity.

Do you want to capture screen content, but your favorite capture software doesn't support capture from screen? Now, with VH Screen Capture Driver, you can select capture for screen as a virtual device in any DirectShow-based capture application.

VH Screen Capture Driver is designed to be highly compatible with DirectShow capture software and is optimized to provide best performance. It can be used with any DirectShow-based application which you like as a capture source, still the capture speed depends on specific software. VH Screen Capture Driver allows to keep aspect ratio during resize, and follow mouse pointer when output size less than capture area. It a good solution to broadcast screen content through network (internet), because you can reduce required bandwidth and keep good video quality.

When you select the "VH Screen Capture Driver" as your Video Capture device you are able to configure it's properties via control panel. To call control panel in your Video Capture software you need to find where it sets current filter's property page. Examples how to call the panel in different programs are provided in documentation and below.

Main features of VH Screen Capture Driver:
Follow mouse pointer
Skype support
multimonitor support
fast and highly optimized capture from screen
real-time scaling (resizing) of captured images
keep aspect ratio during resize
control for output video dimensions
auto selection for best optimization method
interactive window or region selection
realtime window position indentification
manual region setup
align video dimensions for non aligned capture regions
fill non-visible parts with border color
framerate controll
capture mouse movements and shows mouse clicks
supports URL for source (VHScrCap://)
full Flash and Windows Media Player support
XML settings loading (see example)
multi-instance support
controlling and connection to any VHScrCap instance (for applications, which cannot show capture filter's properties)
new API (ver. 2 and later), supports C++, C#, Java, Delphi, etc.
includes free VH Screen Codec (optimized to compress screen activity)
free for private use
System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98 (or later), Windows 2000 (or later)
DirectX 8 (or later)
Pentium II-compatible, AMD-compatible, 600MHz or better CPU
32 Mb of RAM
2 Mb of HDD free space for installation

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this driver & update software.

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