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Transport Stream Analyzer Download
Free Download Transport Stream Analyzer 1.0

Transport Stream Analyzer for HDTV standard, a program that analyzes a transport stream. This program deals with Transport Stream files. Basically, Transport Stream means one or more streams (usually, MPEG-2 files) multiplexed into a single stream. That's what the HDTV is using (the digital television).

A Transport Stream consists of fixed length packets. There can be more sizes but the standard one is 188 bytes. A packet can contain info from a Program Stream, can be a null packet, a Program Association Table or a Conditional Access Table. The PID is the field deciding the packet.

Mainly, the TS packets transport data from Program Streams at a fixed bit rate which must be greater than the sum of Program Streams bit rate. For example, if a standard MPEG-2 is encoded at a few Mbits per second, the Transport Stream usually has bigger bit rate values.

TS_Analyzer reads each packet from the input stream and analyzed it. You can view the packets as a graphical display of fields, or use the "write to file" option to list individual packets info or statistics.

If you'll play this sample with Media Player, you'll hear about 1s of sound, and if you have the appropriate codec, you'll also see an image. It's a small part (4000 packs) of a larger transport stream (about 400,000 packs) but can give you an idea about the concept. Another player you can use is DVD2AVI.

Transport Stream Analyzer Features:
* Easy to use interface
* Accurate PCR time stamp
* Individual packet info listed
* Each packet is listed in the order of appearence in the stream
* Streams statistic in a separate text file
* Graphic display of each packet fields

* IBM PC or compatible
* Microsoft NET FrameWork
* 2 Mb of free RAM
* some HDD free space (depending on the input TS file)

The license of this software is Free, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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