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Free Download AVIAddXSubs 9.15

AVIAddXSubs is used to incorporate subtitles (XSUB) in DivX/XVid avi files. Subtitles are provided through srt or idx/sub external files. Up to 8 subtitles can be provided from 8 separate srt (ANSI format) files. Also user can choose to generate up to 8 subtitles from one and only srt file, in various configuration regarding font, font size, position on screen and many others. So at playback time, through remote control, can choose any of them that looks more favorable to him/her.

Up to 8 subtitles can be provided from one idx/sub pair of files.

In case of Idx/sub pair the idx file must be an ANSI text file and sub a binary file containing subtitle bitmaps. Because subtitles are provided already in bitmap format, selection of font or font size, character set etc, has no effect. See more on this subject below.

Just drag & drop the srt (subtitle text) or avi file to program's icon (or shortcut) in your desktop. A new file with extension divx will be created ready to view it in your hardware DivX player. Note that you can drag&drop more than one files for a batch subtitle incorporation.

AVIAddXSubs is a simple free program to incorporate subtitles (XSUB) from .srt (ANSI text, up to 8 srt) or idx/sub (containing up to 8 subtitles) quickly and easily to your avi files containing DivX/XVid video streams. Just place the avi and its associated (same name) srt in the same directory and Drag&Drop the avi on AVIAddXSubs icon or shortcut in your desktop. In 2-3 minutes a new file with divx extension will be created and be ready to play in your hardware DivX player. For example from the files: lost0318.avi lost0318.srt
you get: lost0318.divx, to play in your hardware DivX player.

To see the subtitles you have to activate them through your remote control much like you do with normal DVD. Check the configuration page of the program for the offered options. Maybe you have to put a smaller number at "Vertical Position" field if subtitles are selectable, are selected, but do not appear. The generated file is a regular avi and you can rename it if this helps the player. Choose the correct character set for your language.

AVI 2.0 support, files over 4GB and PS3
From version 7.1 AVIAddXSubs supports AVI 2.0 file generation. This means that it can handle avi files bigger than 4GB. AVI 2.0 is an extension to AVI 1.0, which has a limit of 4GB.
This feature is intended mostly for PS3 owners because PS3 can play videos of high resolution (up to 1080p) and so files can easily overcome 4GB. But while trying to implement the feature I found that the "market" generally is not ready for such big files especially when they contain XSUB streams. I saw a lot of problems in various applications (players and some avi analyzers) that cause me headache because originally I thought the problem was in my code. Even DivX Player is not able to handle big AVI 2.0 files with XSUB subtitles correctly. It crashes on exit and it doesn't show them.
UPDATE: Two users confirmed that PS3 works fine with avi files above 4GB generated from AVIAddXSubs and displays the incorporated subtitles as expected.

In case subtitles do not appear in your hardware DivX Player
Be sure that subtitles are activated through your remote control. Is there a list with subtitles when you press the button for subtitles? Note that this will happen when the avi starts playing. Not before. So wait to finish initialization and start playback.
Test with all available options in "Mark DivX as".
Test with "Full Screen" checked and unchecked.
Use various values in "Vertical Position" (VP). You can create many subtitles from the same srt with different VP. See readme file on how. Smaller VP moves subtitles up in the screen, greater moves them down.
Check if your player is in the list (below) of the "reported working well". If it is there then something you do wrong.
As I have read XBOX360 do not supports XSUB subtitles with current firmware. Wait for one that supports in the future. If someone finds out that now XSUB are supported please let me know to remove this statement.

Players reported working well
Advent 3326E (VP=450)
AEG DVD-4514
ARISTONA model 436 (VP=450)
Audiola DVX 2011 USB
Audioline DVD 024
Elta 8847 (VP=454, CP=348)
Everton dvx-555u divx/DVD
Fj mini combo DMV6103 (VP=500)
FUNAI DBR-5311 (DVB-T) (VP=546)
HYUNDAI HE-DX 230 (VP=400)
IQ DVD-360 (VP=500, MDX=XVID)
KiSS DP-1000
Kiss DP-600
LG 9800H (VP=450)
LG 9800 (VP=450)
LG DV 9900
LG DVX 298H (VP=450) (Playback through USB doesn't support XSUB, use DVDRW only)
LG DVX-172 (VP=450)
LG DR-7900 (VP=400, CP=320)
LG LH T360 (VP=546)
LG RH7500 (VP=460)
LG VC 8606
Miray DVM-L55 (VP=450)
Miray DVM-L57 (VP=450)
Miray DVM-L84 (VP=450)
Miray DVM-L86 (VP=450)
Onkyo DR-S 501 DVD (part of Onkyo LS-V501 home cinema)
Panasonic DVD Home Theater SA-PT 150
Philips 3010
Philips 3040
Philips DVP 5960 (VP=420)
Philips DVP 5980 (VP=420, CP=320)
Philips DVP 3142 (VP=530)
Philips DVP3144 (VP=440)
Philips DVP 3160 (VP=400, CP=360)
Philips DVP 5160
Phillips DVP-630/02
Philips DVP-720SA (CP=360, VP=560)
Philips HTS 3500S version23 (VP=500, CP=360)
Philips MCD295 hi-fi
Philips 5160 (VP=440)
Pioneer 575 (VP=450)
Pioneer 696 AV (VP=450)
Pionner DCS-333 (Xv-Dv333) (VP=450)
Pioneer DVD DV300
Pioneer DV-400 (VP=450)
PS3 (with firmware 2.20 and above)
Quadro DVD-606 (VP=500, CP=360)
Samsung DVD P171
Samsung DVD P366 (VP=450)
Samsung DVD P350K
Samsung DVD P370 (VP=450)
Samsung DVD HD745
Samsung DVD-HD870 (VP=546)
samsung HT-TQ22 (VP=546)
Samsung HT-XQ100
scarlett sdivx-1201
Schaub Lorenz 20138
Schneider DVD-400 HDMI (VP=369, MDX=DX50)
sepia 5600
SnaZio SZ1350 DVD Net Cinema. (VP=450)
SONY DAV-DZ 110 (VP=400)
SONY DAV-DZ 300 (VP=400)
SONY NS-32 (VP=450)
TELEMAX DVD-003 mini DVD player
Thomson DTH 270E (VP=400)
TOSHIBA RD-XS25 DVD Recorder (CP=355, VP=490)
Trident DVD-K2301
Trident k-2303 (VP=450, CP=360)
UNITED DVR 6080 (VP=546)
UNITED 7080 (VP=450)
UPXUS mini-369
Vivax K-210
Vivax K-300
X-Wave 9200

The license of this software is Freeware, you can free download and free use this video utility software.

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